How to Clean an Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers do the job quicker however they also call for more cleansing and aftercare. It is necessary for their functionality and life expectancy that you constantly take the time to appropriately tidy after use.

So perhaps you are asking yourself just how to cleanse the airless paint sprayer that you have just gotten. Also, you can prefer spray painting equipment they can spread paint, stains, and clear finishes faster than any brush or roller.

Well, the very first time you do this could be complex because you are managing many different parts. Nevertheless, once you have done it a couple of times it ought to seem like an uncomplicated routine.


This is just how to properly clean one of the most prominent airless paint sprayers yet models do differ. Just Remember a clean paint sprayer is a good sprayer.

Addressing the Different Parts
Though each model might differ slightly, the main elements are normally the exact same. When cleaning up a paint sprayer, it is far better to take it apart to make sure that you make certain that you are entering all the crevices where your material and also debris may be.

The 3 main parts to tidy are the tool as a whole, the nozzle, and the weapon. At the beginning of the cleaning, you can keep the tool assembled to eliminate the majority of the materials yet later on, you will certainly require to pull off the weapon as well as nozzles for closer handling.

Water or Thinner?
Do you require a specialist airless paint sprayer cleaner? This is a simple question to answer. Use faucet water to tidy water-based materials if you have actually been spraying materials such as latex and also usage repaint thinner to eliminate oil-based paints like lacquer.

Due to the fact that it can damage the device if the incorrect one is made use of, never puzzle the 2 types of paint remover called for. Also, don’t use hefty harsh liquids because that also might create damage.

Steps on Just How to Clean an Airless Paint Sprayer
Follow the cleaning action in the appropriate order when cleaning up airless paint sprayer. Start with eliminating any excess and then meticulously clean the filters, nozzle, and weapon.

Step 1: Set Up Your Containers

Depending upon whether you’re splashing oil-based such as lacquer, or water-based paints such as emulsion, you’ll need to differ your paint sprayer cleaner.

You need one pail full of water or thinner (relying on the material kind, see over) as well as one empty bucket to clear the unclean liquid cleaner right into.

Step 2: Clear Out the Remaining Paint

Area the suction in your clean pail as well as objective the gun at your vacant container. Usage both the prime setting and spray setting to push out any staying material.

Cleaning up Filters on an Airless Paint SprayerTypical filters located in an airless paint sprayer

Step 3: Cleaning Up the Numerous Filters

This is a crucial action in the exactly how to cleanse a paint sprayer overview. Once it is cleared, you can start cleaning the smaller sized parts of the airless sprayer. Begin with the filters.

Due to just how airless paint sprayers work, there are generally 2 or 3 filters on semi-professional to expert sprayers, they are:

Suction filter– discovered on the end of the suction hose that is immersed right into the material
Manifold filter– located in the device itself, generally on the left or appropriate side
Pencil weapon filter– found in the manage of the airless spray gun
You must be able to refer to your user handbook to see the different elements of your spray gun. Here’s an example of the Graco individual handbook that accompanies most Graco paint sprayers.

Take the pencil filter out of the weapon, the manifold filter out of the suction and the equipment filter off the end of the suction hose pipe, after that put them in the vacant pail to take in the solvent or water. Do not put the whole gun in the solvent because this can be rough, only placed the filters right into saturate.

Put on a set of handwear covers and also start cleaning away anything left over. For the persistent little bits make use of an old stiff brush as well as scrub away carefully.

Step 4: Tidy the Nozzles

When cleaning up a paint sprayer yet there are a couple of tools that can make it easier for you, this is the laborious part. The best method is to use an old tooth brush, tiny pipe cleaners as well as if needed, an extremely thin needle.

Below is an instance of the specific spray gun found on the bestselling Graco X5 & Graco Magnum X7, among others.

Immerse the spray suggestion in water or thinners for a few minutes, after that utilize the toothbrush to scrub either side of the tungsten carbide spray nozzle. Make certain to check it up close before stopping as well as storing it.

When you hold it up to the light, you must be able to see a pin-prick of daylight with the nozzle.

If the opening is completely blocked with any kind of products or particles, just make use of the needle as a last resort.

Uncoupling an Airless Spray GunAn example of the numerous elements discovered in a stock Graco airless spray gun
Tip 5: Rub the Spray Gun Currently it is time to get involved in the small parts of the sprayer weapon itself. Because you are handling various sized parts, you also need different sized cleansing brushes to enter into all the little areas.

A few of the parts are more fragile than others so it is additionally an excellent concept to keep a few softer brushes handy. For instance, the plastic as well as rubber seals are quickly damaged so you intend to utilize a softer extra gentle brush.

You’ll wish to take the spray guard off as well as cleanse that separately, you’ll also require to flush it under a tap.

With the spray pointer, spray tube, guard and weapon filter removed, hold the gun upside down under a quick circulation of water as well as hold the trigger down. You desire the water to be moving right into where the filter previously was and out of the spray location.

Do this for around one minute to guarantee it is clear.

Wipe tidy with solvent wipes

Action 6: Clean Dry
Once all the components are entirely clean, you can rub out the solvent or water up until entirely dry. Make use of a tidy dry fabric for this.

Do you require a professional airless paint sprayer cleaner? Use tap water to tidy water-based products if you have actually been splashing materials such as latex and usage paint thinner to get rid of oil-based paints like lacquer.

This is a crucial step in the just how to clean up a paint sprayer guide. Once it is gotten rid of, you can start cleaning the smaller sized parts of the airless sprayer. Start with the filters.

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