How To Clean And Care For A Mattress?

An individual requires a good amount of sleep every day to stay fit and active. The best place to rest and have a good night’s sleep is an excellent spongy mattress. Most people tend to invest in a superior comfortable mattress to sleep better. It is also essential to protect or care for your mattress so that it keeps you warm, cosy and away from odours and allergies.  Every mattress by default is prone to dirt, dead skin, dust, mites and odour.

Cleaning a mattress at frequent intervals is hygienic and, at the same time, extends the life of your mattress. Fortunately, cleaning is relatively easy and can be done with simple materials available at home itself. A single bed mattress is small and easy to clean, whereas a king size mattress and queen size mattress might be slightly tricky to clean. It is always advisable to use mattress covers to protect your mattress from stains and dust. Wakefit fulfils your needs by providing mattress protectors which are waterproof and dustproof.

How to Maintain and Protect Your Mattress?

  • Supports your Mattress on a firm base

Placing the mattress on a flat surface is essential to prevent the sagging of the mattress and irregular lumps. Different beds are available in the market, like teak wood, Sheesham wooden beds, engineered wooden beds and metal beds to give your mattress a firm and flat surface to rest. Any mattress not having the right kind of support might wear off at an early stage, so make sure you place it on a solid surface.

  • Use a Mattress Protector

This is one of the best innovations that protect your mattress. A mattress protector is removable bedding that protects the mattress by encasing it completely, thus preventing dust, germs and moisture. Waterproof mattress protectors save the mattress from stains and spills, ensuring a clean surface. You can also use fitted bedsheets with elastic bands in the corners to protect your mattress.

  • Flip and Rotate the Mattress at Frequent Intervals

Sometimes, you tend to sleep only on one side of the mattress, causing an irregular surface. It happens mainly in the case of a double bed mattress. Flip and rotate the mattress often to avoid bumps as it will increase the life and maintain the sponginess of the mattress.

How to Clean your Mattress Effectively? 

Wash the Bedding Regularly

The human body tends to sweat and shed off dead cells while sleeping. All this settles as dirt on your bedding. Washing your bedsheets, bed covers, pillow covers at least once a week is necessary to sleep in a fresh and clean environment. A hot water wash can even get rid of mites. Don’t forget to wash your mattress protector occasionally to clear all the collected dirt. In case you use a quilt or duvet, make sure you wash the cover of it also.  It is always good to rinse the bedding in warm water to protect the colour from fading too soon.

Vacuum Throughout

Once you have removed the layers of the bedding, start cleaning with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming the mattress will efficiently remove even the minute dust particles settled on it. It also helps to remove dead skin cells, hair, etc. Before starting to vacuum, make sure you use a brush nozzle to clean the top of the mattress and a sleek nozzle to remove the hidden dirt in the edges and corners.

Remove Stains

Stains could be spots of dirt, rust, biological stains, spills, etc. Try attending fresh spills immediately. It is easier to clean fresh spills than older ones. Use a strong detergent and a scrubber made of microfibre to remove the stains. If you don’t have a proper scrubber, you can always use an old toothbrush to eliminate the stains. Scrub gently, allowing the detergent to foam. Make sure you don’t tear the upper cloth of the mattress while scrubbing. You can also use an enzyme cleaner to get rid of wide sweat or urine stains. Avoid using liquid cleaners as they may wet the mattress. You can’t allow your mattress to get wet or soggy as it may spoil the softness and sponge inside it. Hence always try using a minimal detergent and mild cleaner to get rid of stains.

Usage of Baking Soda

Sprinkling baking soda generously over your mattress works wonders. The baking soda has the quality to absorb any liquid on the mattress. The longer it stays on the mattress, the cleaner it will be. It also absorbs bad odour, bacteria and breaks down acids, if any leftover by the detergent. You can also add some fragrance to the baking soda by using some essential oil of your choice to enhance the smell. It should be poured into a sifter, sprayed over the mattress, and allowed to sit for at least thirty minutes. The mattress should be vacuumed again in the same way, as said earlier.

Air the Mattress

Any mattress, when kept in a stuffy place, develops bacteria and fungi. It is essential to allow your mattress to breathe the fresh air to let go of the odour and bacteria. Airing the mattress should be done once it is cleaned with liquid detergents to avoid sogginess and moisture. Drying the mattress in the sun is one of the best ways to kill bacteria and keep the mattress fresh and tidy. The Ultraviolet radiations from the sun kill bacteria and fungi, thus saving you from allergies and sores. If you don’t have the space to dry your mattress in the sun, never mind, you can always open the curtains of your room to allow sunlight or use a dryer. Don’t forget to flip your mattress and follow the same procedure on the other side.

Hire Professionals to Clean the Mattress

Sometimes, when you don’t have the time to clean a mattress or don’t want to take the risk of spoiling it, you can hire professionals to get the work done. These professionals have the right tools to clean your mattress. They also use the right choice of detergent and an adequate amount of it on your mattress. It is more than enough to hire professionals once in three months to clean your mattress. 

A Mattress is a place of peace and comfort. A good mattress can significantly increase your sleep quality and decrease your stress levels. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a neat mattress to have a good sleeping pattern.

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