How to Clean NuCore Flooring - 2023 Guide

Obtaining a luxurious long-lasting flooring style is a dream that many wish can come true, but the maintaining part is what many would miss out on.

NuCore Flooring is easy to install, durable and can provide a long-term solution to several rooms in the house.

Therefore, this Cleaners Advisor will pave the way for you in your way to know how to clean NuCore Flooring.

First, I’ll explain what NuCore flooring really is made of, how it’ll benefit you, and why you’ll need to know how to clean NuCore flooring.

Afterward, I’ll provide some economical yet effective ways how to clean NuCore flooring, finishing with some cleaning methods you should not use on NuCore flooring.

How do you clean NuCore Vinyl Plank Flooring?

NuCore is a regular vinyl plank flooring with a sustainable outer covering and a premium built. Cleaning the flooring is pretty straightforward and will take just a mop and some shampoo. Try pouring some shampoo on the bucket and soak the mop into the water. Clean the flooring to eliminate all the dust particles. Finally, rinse the floor, and you wallah, you are done.

What can I use to clean my NuCore floor?

You can clean a NuCore floor with some shampoo mixed with water. Try using a mop and rub all the corners of the flooring. You can also try detergent, but shampoo works the best for vinyl flooring.

Is NuCore flooring really waterproof?

Yes. NuCore is a vinyl flooring cover, which can protect your flooring from all water erosion. The best part is, it looks like wood, and you can tell the difference without close inspection.

How do you care for a NuCore floor?

NuCore flooring has a premium build to it. However, you do have to care for it to have a long-lasting service life. Clean it regularly and don’t use a rough scrubber to clean it. Vinyl covers are highly vulnerable to rough objects but other than that, they will be held up perfectly.

What is the best way to clean vinyl plank flooring?

Cleaning vinyl plank flooring takes a couple of minutes if you have the necessary cleaning agents. Apple cider vinegar works best at a low budget. You can also use shampoo or detergent instead of apple cider vinegar. Finally, use a mop to take away all the dirt.

Do vinyl floors look cheap?

Premium vinyl flooring looks exactly like a door cut out or a natural stone. On the other hand, low-quality flooring will lose its vivid appearance within a few days. So, if you want vinyl plank floors that mimic the real thing, try premium brands like Luxury, LVT, LVP, Mohawk, and Shaw. There are other vinyl flooring brands as well, but these are the top players in the game.

Tips on How to Clean NuCore Flooring

The Nucore flooring has a durable outer layer that serves as an inexpensive flooring. Major scratches or dents may form if you use an aggressive cleaning agent. Let us dive into how you can clean any Nucore flooring without damaging it.

Placing a doormat

A doormat stays in front of the room and stops all dirt or chemical from entering the room. If you are a homemaker, you should teach everyone to enter the room, rubbing their feet on the doormat first.

Using a broomstick

A broomstick takes away most dust particles, which can result in vinyl flooring damage. Cleaning the house floors with a broomstick also stops dust from entering your nose and cause allergies.

Sweeping regularly

Keeping it clean is the key to long-lasting vinyl flooring. It is better to start from the corners and end the sweep near the door space.

Good cleaning agent

Try using cleaning agents that don’t bleach off the NuCore’s outer layer. Shampoo, dish cleaners, or regular soap can do just fine.

Pour a few caps of shampoo or other agents on a gallon of water to use it with a mop. You can also mop and rinse the vinyl flooring if you don’t have a sweeper.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Unfortunately, cheap and harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, detergent, etc., are not suitable for vinyl flooring. A rough mop or sweeping cloth may work better than a vacuum machine.


This Cleaners Advisor guide helped you know more on how to clean nucore flooring.

If you want to learn more about other types of floor cleaning, visit their website and read through their guides.

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