How to Conserve Your Smartphone`s Data

It seems as if smartphones are finding their way into the hands of more and more consumers each day. This comes as no surprise, especially when you consider all the new technology that is being packed into their streamlined designs. Smartphones can be used for productivity, messaging, watching videos, listening to music, and most tasks we once thought were only possible on a desktop. All of this functionality comes at a price, however, as carriers must charge according to how much data you use.

Unfortunately, data is far from free, and different plans limit what you can do with your smartphone.  One thing you definitely want to avoid is exceeding your data limit, since overage charges are not too easy on the wallet.  That might be difficult if you like to keep yourself entertained while on the go, but it does not mean you should avoid using your phone to its capacity altogether.  This article will discuss various tips you can employ to your everyday smartphone usage to conserve data and keep from going over your monthly data limit.

Get to Know Your Smartphone

If you are a first-time smartphone owner, it may take a while to truly figure out how your device works.  This is especially true if you are not used to handling technology on a regular basis.  Smartphones will obviously differ according to manufacturer, so switching from one phone to another is another instance where there will be a learning curve.  It’s important that you get to know how your phone functions inside and out.  Why?  First, it will help you maximize its potential.  Second, and most importantly, you will know what to do and what not to do.

It will be necessary to disable certain items occurring in the background that may be running without your knowledge.  For instance, your smartphone may perform periodic backups of all of your data.  It could also run apps in the background, even when you think you shut them off completely.  If your smartphone is running multiple apps or performing other background operations, your data limit could be exhausted before you even know it.  Hence, learn how to properly exit apps and adjust settings to ensure that no background operations are running that will drain your data.  After all, you want to maximize your phone’s potential, and that is difficult if you are limiting yourself through data caps.  Some of the tips listed may seem like they are taking out all of the fun aspects of a smartphone, but they are just basics to help you out.  Apply them according to your personal needs to make them work for you.

Ready for Bed? Turn that Data Off!

Turning off your data connection or your phone entirely when you go to bed has more than one advantage.  Since you are sleeping, there is really no need to have the connection active.  Having it enabled will just keep you up at night with any new notifications, and it’s an unnecessary waste of your precious data.  By conserving your data during bedtime, you can enjoy more of your smartphone’s functions during the day when you are up and about.  It’s worth noting that disabling your data connection is a good idea not only when you are sleeping, but during times that you don’t have the necessity to check email, browse the internet, or do other things that require a connection.

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Wi-Fi is Your Friend

No matter where you go, you will probably be in the vicinity of a wireless network.  Of course, if you are driving or constantly moving, that is another story.  If you are at a place such as the airport, a coffee shop, at work, or at a friend’s house, that is the perfect time to save data.  Connect to an available wireless network and use it for all of your online needs.  Do you have the urge to watch a certain video on your smartphone?  Wait until you get into a Wi-Fi network’s range to do so or simply wait until you get home.  Videos can hog up data rather quickly, so moving that cost onto a Wi-Fi network is a smart move.  The same holds true for downloading apps and music.  Be patient and download them at home, and you will see your data savings increase.

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Opt for Mobile When Browsing

Smartphones are now coming equipped with large, vibrant displays that are great for browsing websites in all their glory.  Some sites might be best in their full versions, but for others, opt for the mobile version.  You can access a site’s mobile version by typing m instead of www before its address.  Visiting these compact versions of websites should help reduce data usage.

Avoid Push if Possible

Unless your smartphone is your go-to device for work email, avoid using the push setting that constantly searches for new messages.  You can cut back on data usage by opting for a manual setting to retrieve messages instead.

Manage Your Updates Wisely

Having a constant connection to everything that is happening in the world around you is one of the marvels of modern technology.  Thanks to the wonderful online world, you can find up-to-date information on news, weather, sports, and the like.  The fact that you can now access this information on your smartphone is a luxury, but it’s a luxury that will eat up your data.  If you have apps that constantly update to give you the freshest information, check the settings to see if you can limit the updating process.  Some information, unless it’s for work, is not necessary to have every ten minutes.  Cut the updates to once an hour, or longer, if possible.  The less your smartphone has to draw on updates, the more data you can conserve for more important tasks.

Common Sense is Key

The temptation to use your smartphone as an entertainment device on the go may be high, but you will have to cut back if you want to conserve data.  Streaming media such as videos, radio, and the like will cut into your data limit, so do it sparingly.

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