Many online businesses strive to refine marketing solutions, invest in SEO and hire the finest specialists in the field without realizing that a quality content localization strategy is the key to improving profits and conversions. How is it possible? Keep reading!

What are localization services?

Even if you’ve encountered the term “content localization” accidentally, and it seems to be all Greek to you, believe us – deep inside, you know that your business needs it.

Just think about situations when you were in a foreign country, and you wanted to buy something in a store, but nobody spoke your language. All the product names and price lists weren’t understandable, therefore, you had a really tough time explaining to the sales person what you actually needed.

This is when content localization comes into play. It’s a multifaceted discipline that aims at tailoring texts, graphics, weights, currencies, units of measurements and entire website layouts to the target group, its language and culture, so that the recipients think that the content was originally created for them.

How can a content localization strategy bring you profits?

  • improved brand image – it’s natural that an accurate website with correct information is more trustworthy than a page with a wrong currency, address or dates. Quality content localization takes care of all these aspects.
  • content corresponding to users’ expectations – if you want to increase profits of your company, you need to thoroughly research the target group and its needs. Factors such as demographics, political and social influences, culture, geography or language differ from country to country. Professional localization services will help you avoid many potential mishaps. After all, the greater customer satisfaction, the greater the brand loyalty and profits.
  • trustworthy, reliable and professional information – collaboration with real experts in the field who have knowledge of both source and target language cultures is a guarantee that your localized content will be perceived as more trustworthy and professional. This is particularly important when talking about possible financial transactions. Buyers investing in your products should be able to easily check shipping data, currencies or terms and conditions. If they can’t access these elements, they’ll probably leave the site and search for transparent pages with similar offers.

Benefiting from specialist localization services is a recipe for marking your presence on the international market. To create a content localization strategy that brings profits, it’s crucial to analyze the target audience, its culture, language and expectations. This can be done only if one has profound expertise of both source and target recipients. Commission the task to real experts and admire your professional brand image.

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