How To Create A Scandinavian-Minimalist Home

In the online world of interior design blogs and social media, Scandinavian and Minimalist interior designs are often used interchangeably. Both designs usually feature white walls, natural or artificial green plants, neutral tones, and simple elements. Although there are many similarities between these two interior design themes, they are not the same thing at all. Each of these designs have some unique features that define the basis on which that theme is applied to a home.

A minimalist interior design features space and simplicity by using design elements in a way that give a philosophical and spiritual feel whereas a Scandinavian design aims to create a practical and functional space where you still have the liberty of keeping your possessions and displaying them in style. So is it possible to combine both of these design styles into one interior design theme? Of course! A Scandinavian-Minimalist interior design is a new and popular design theme that allows you to combine all the main features of both of these styles into a comfortable, functional, and humble abode that is also beautiful and stylish.

Here, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks by which you can combine both these popular design themes and create your perfect Scandinavian-Minimalist home.

Create Form In Your Home

The first important thing to remember is that there should be some form and structure to the things that you choose for the home. This means that since you will be using the Scandinavian and minimalist theme, initially the room should have only the bare essentials so there is no clutter and the area appears spacious. This will take care of the minimalist aspect of the design. When the colors used for the design will be dominated by muted tones such as grays and beige with functionality elements in the design, the Scandinavian aspect will also get covered.

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Add Dark Elements In The Design

Usually a Scandinavian and minimalist design are dominated by light and pastel hues. However, in such a minimalist design with only the bare essentials, if you add a few darker elements, it will immediately transform the theme into a Scandinavian-minimalist design. Incorporating black lines is an excellent way of adding symmetry and crisp lines to any design and to give it an effect of Scandinavian style.

Warm Wooden Feel With Uncluttered Areas

One of the hallmarks of minimalist design is to have plenty of negative space with no clutter or mess. Scandinavian design is dominated by wooden furniture and wood textures in various elements of the design. When you combine wood textures with uncluttered spaces, you get a warm and cozy Scandinavian-Minimalist design.

Add Texture In White

The minimalist interior design theme usually features white walls and glossy white floors. You can replace the glossy floors with wooden ones to create a slightly warmer feel that goes well in the Scandinavian design. For the white walls, you should keep them white in line with the minimalist design, but to add some accent and character to it, you can choose to add some texture in it. This could be in the form of textured white wallpaper or white wall panels. You can also add a white bricked wall to create the perfect backdrop for other elements of the design.

Combine Gray And White Tones

Another way you can vamp up your space in a minimalist-Scandinavian theme is to use the combination of gray and white colors for the walls and floors. When it is combined with Scandinavian-style furniture which features crisp lines, symmetry, and functionality, you get a beautiful combo of Scandinavian-minimalism.

Opt For Sleek Furniture

One of the most important features of a Scandinavian design is functionality. To achieve functionality, you may be tempted to use different kinds of furniture. However, be careful to keep the furniture sleek in line with the minimalist theme, otherwise bulky furniture will be the complete opposite of a minimalist design. For example, for increased functionality, you may opt for a sofa that doubles up as a bed or as a hidden storage area. But chances are that such furniture will be very bulky which will be anti-minimalist.

Use The Right Light

Since both Scandinavian and Minimalist design themes feature lots of light, it is imperative that you use the right amount of lights in the design that features all of the above-mentioned elements as well. For this, you can incorporate full-length windows that allow maximum sunlight through them. For the night time, you can install different types of chandeliers, direct lighting, and spot lights to achieve a well-lit area.

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