How to Create the Best CBD Skincare Routine

CBD skin care is a hot new trend. When CBD first broke onto the market, it was used as an ingestible, but it wasn’t long before celebrities jumped on the bandwagon and started using it for skincare.

CBD oils contain antioxidants and vitamin E, which are skin-loving ingredients. It makes sense that they could slot seamlessly into a skincare regime and give users a healthy glow.

Beauty queens and many others interested in skincare may be interested in turning to CBD. However, it can be tricky to get started. What is the best CBD skin care product type to use? What’s the best time to use it?

This guide will cover all you need to know about creating the best CBD skincare routine.

CBD for Skin: What Are the Benefits?

Cannabidiol (CBD) was first used as a supplement for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The benefits of CBD on skin stem from these effects. If you are looking for top-notch CBD products that you can use for your skin.

‘Antioxidant’ is a bit of a buzzword in the cosmetics industry, as the process of oxidation can lead to visible signs of aging. Antioxidants are therefore beneficial because they can neutralize the free radicals causing this process, thereby leading to a youthful glow.

Anti-inflammatories, though less talked about, are also essential for skin health. Inflammation can trigger or contribute to a number of skin issues, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

As a result, CBD’s effects could be dermatologically beneficial. The results may vary for everyone, though, since each individual has a different reaction to CBD. It can also depend on the form of skincare product you use.

Side Effects of Topical CBD on Skin

Most products in the health and cosmetics world have side effects. Generally, CBD’s effects for the skin are positive, but some people may experience mild side effects.

Those who have consumed CBD orally may be aware of some of the more common side effects, including dry mouth, changes in appetite, diarrhea, or drowsiness. These affect a small portion of users, but are worth noting.

For topicals, things are a little different. The user is less likely to experience these side effects since the CBD is not ingested. However, the skin can be a sensitive organ, and it can react poorly to new products.

Dr. Adarsh Mudgil, a double board-certified dermatologist, told Forbes Magazine that, “If you happen to have a reaction from a CBD topical product, it’s likely not from the CBD itself, but some other ingredient like a botanical.”

In other words, CBD is generally safe to apply topically and is not associated with particular side effects. Since some people have sensitive skin, though, it is best to do a patch test before adding any product into your skincare routine.

How to Use CBD on Skin: The Best Routine

Everyone’s skin is unique. What works for one skincare lover will not always work for another, which is why the beauty industry is full of products for oily, dry, and combination skin. Even people within these categories will not necessarily share a beauty regime.

CBD in skincare works in the same way. Everyone’s routine looks a little different, but below is an example of a fully-fledged morning and night regime.

AM: After showering, moisturize the full body with a topical salve. Then, apply a CBD day cream to the face for moisture and protection; allow it to sink in before applying makeup. Once a week, use a hemp face scrub before moisturizing to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin glowing.

PM: Remove makeup with a CBD-infused cleanser, followed by dabbing a rejuvenating best eye cream beneath the eyes. Moisturize the entire face with a CBD night cream, and allow it to work its magic while you get some beauty sleep.

If you choose to apply more than one CBD skin care product, we recommend introducing them one at a time. That way, if you have a bad reaction, you’ll know which product caused it. You may also better learn the benefits of each product.

Begin using the first product and apply it for about a week before introducing the second.

CBD Skin Care Products

Finding the best CBD skin products can be tricky. This popular market is now full of items, sold by both CBD brands and beauty moguls alike. As always, it’s advised to only buy from brands with positive reputations and visible lab reports, like Premium Jane.

Not only do consumers have to choose a brand, but they also have to choose an item. The marketplace is saturated with unique items, all grouped into broad categories. For example, some CBD skincare items include bath products like bath bombs and bath salts.

Most people prefer daily use products like creams. Below, two of these categories are explained in more detail.

CBD Oil for Skin

Some users choose to apply CBD oils directly to the skin. The CBD oil benefits for the skin are the same as listed above, but it’s worth being careful. Those with oily skin may find their pores clogged by the carrier oil used in tinctures.

Some CBD oils are developed specifically with skincare in mind, which may make them appropriate for dry or combination skin. However, most CBD oils are designed for oral consumption and may contain irritating ingredients; always read the label and follow the usage instructions.

Since CBD oil comes in smaller bottles, it tends to be better for sporadic applications to problem areas, rather than daily use.

CBD Skin Cream

CBD cream for skin is a much more popular product. It comes in many forms: moisturizing lotions, full-body salves, and facial creams with specific purposes.

The sheer variety of products means that there will be something to suit everyone. It’s worth browsing to find a product that suits you. Be sure to check the labeled ingredients to ensure they’re suitable for your skin and find a product with a pleasant scent if possible. That said, those with sensitive skin should opt for a non-fragranced item.

While CBD oils may be better for applying to specific zits or painful areas, creams are preferred for daily use over a larger area of skin.

No matter what item you choose, bear in mind that more CBD doesn’t necessarily mean better. When it comes to skincare, lower amounts are often enough; you’ll find that CBD creams tend to contain much less of the cannabinoid than high-strength tinctures.

Summary on CBD in Skincare

CBD skincare products are rife on the market, popularized for their many potential benefits. Whether trying to get rid of a zit or manage skin health more generally, numerous users have turned to CBD-infused products. In fact, CBD has become so ingrained in the cosmetics market that beauty gurus are using it as part of their daily routine, even if they have perfect skin.

With such an enormous product variety, it’s pretty easy to find an item to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Many of these items can slot seamlessly into a skincare routine, even replacing traditional, non-CBD products.

When using a CBD topical for the first time, always do a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to any of the labeled ingredients. Minimize risk by choosing a reputable CBD brand like Premium Jane; check out our full range of CBD skincare topicals today.

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