How to Decorate Home For Diwali With Lights?

Diwali is knocking at the door! Are the decorating thoughts concerning you? Indian festivals are ubiquitous at global stages with their individuality and colorfulness. Diwali being the festival of light comes with a different charisma. People all around the corners of India and the World celebrate Diwali by lighting up eco-friendly and electrical lamps.

Diwali has mythological importance too. Lord Rama, a Hindu godly character, returned to his kingdom after spending 14 years of exile. The homecoming was more significant as Lord Rama defeated demon Ravan to save mankind. So, to express their love and gratitude, the people of Ayodhya lit their homes and streets with Festive lights to welcome Rama.

Ever since this festival is celebrated as a festival of light, people in all states of India have cleaned their homes to light diyas and other lamps. However, choosing a design to decorate your home with extensive lamp and lighting choices can be confusing. Wall lampschandeliers, diyas, rice small led balls, and ceiling lamps are some exclusive rights to use in Diwali. If you are still confused about decorating your home, here are some elite lighting ways to decorate your home.

Start lighting with diyas

Diyas are a traditional symbol of celebrating Diwali. So, you can start your decoration with diyas. However, you must aim to use as many eco-friendly diyas as you can. You can find many LED diyas that don’t need burning fuel or any oil. Oils burning also creates smoke and pollution. Thus, decorate your home with eco-friendly diyas.

Use walls to hang rice LEDs

You can make use of interior and exterior walls to hang the rice LEDs. They look perfect on your home. You can use these lights in different shapes to depict any image or pattern. Make use of tapes to hang them on walls. However, make sure that wires are not exposed to kids in your home.

Use garden plants to decorate with lights

Covering trees and plants in the garden with small LED lights is a great idea. It appears beautiful, as it takes the shape of the plants and trees. It looks natural and improves the aesthetics of your home. You can also use pattern lights on the garden plants to attract your guests.

Bottle up rice lights and hang them on the balcony

This is a unique idea that will offer you extra attention. The decoration is quite easy to achieve and doesn’t cost much. All you need to do is find glass jars or glass sauce bottles. Then fill these bottles with rice LEDs or string lights to the neck. In case of excessive lights, you can hang them in a pattern showing water coming out of it. Hang these bottles in your balconies to achieve great Festive lights attention.


These were some amazing decorating ideas to incorporate. You can also decorate interiors with chandeliers and wall lamps. Now that you know some great ideas, use them this Diwali.

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