Product Research For Dropshipping

Are you tired of seeing ads from Facebook and YouTube gurus who are trying to sell their “latest paid course” on dropshipping product research and dropshipping in general?

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model which allows you to sell third-party products without storing any inventory. What credentials are required for making a dropshipping store? What are the best strategies for kick-starting a dropshipping business? 

Well, this is your chance to have an in-depth look at some of the dropshipping aspects before jumping into this business. So, without further ado let’s begin. 

Dropshipping Product Research – Some Useful Tips

Going all-in on a dropshipping store without basic e-commerce business knowledge can be a little challenging. Therefore, to make life easier for you. There are some tools out there which can do great job for you. The most reliable one is FindNiche. Using this tool, you can track competitor’s display ads who are already working on Shopify or AliExpress. This is the valuable addition for your dropshipping business.

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I am also listing some tips below which you can use for manual dropshipping product research.

1. Find Trending Products 

It is always favorable for a businessman to keep an eye on the current trends and keep evolving. This is even more important for a dropshipping aspirer. 

If you want to find trending products you can use the following tools.

  • Google Trends
  • Kickstarter

2. Target A Specific Niche

You might want to have a dropshipping business where you have a diverse portfolio of products for your customers to buy. It is quite riskier as you are new to dropshipping and this idea might fail in the short term.

Therefore, it is advisable to target a specific niche that you believe has enough potential to make you some profits. You can target the products of that specific niche and then further build a marketing strategy around that niche.

3. Competitor Research 

Your competitor is someone you should constantly follow when it comes to dropshipping. 

It allows you to analyze your dropshipping progress and it also gives rise to possible questions in your mind like can you decipher their pricing strategy? What are the next products which they might be launching soon? 

In this way, by being one step ahead of the curve you can remain in the driving seat.

4. Online Communities for Product Hunting

Facebook and Reddit are two platforms that come to mind that have a huge audience that you can target. You can join online communities on Facebook and Reddit to have an idea about the products that are trending concerning a particular niche.

5. Use Google For Dropshipping Product Research

You can use google to your benefit as it has the answer to almost every question. You simply need to type your product and niche on google and try some catchphrases along with your search.

These catchphrases can be following:

  • Most interesting items in 2021.
  • People are going crazy over this product.
  • Unique last-minute gift ideas.

Dropshipping Vs Ecommerce – Major Difference Between The Two In Business Sense

Dropshipping itself is an E-commerce business model that allows users to ship third-party products without storing any inventory. 

Ecommerce on the other hand is a business that allows you to sell your products online through various business models like private labeling, wholesale as well as dropshipping. So, it is not necessary a dropshipping vs eCommerce rivalry rather both of these terms complement each other.

What Is Private Label Dropshipping? It Can Be Your Next Business Venture!

Private label dropshipping is a crazy yet effective way of doing business. It involves shipping third-party products relabeled as your own without even storing any inventory. It sounds crazy right! But it is a business model that is quickly becoming common especially in Asia.

Below are some of the top benefits of private label dropshipping

  • A variety of products to sell
  • More room to scale your business as it is a private label based
  • Less reliance on the wholesale items
  • Having the freedom of branding the product as your own
  • No need for storing any sort of inventory
  • Swift ordering process
  • Flexible ways of making profits

To-Do Things While Doing Private Label Dropshipping

As you spent no time in product manufacturing or development, your major focus should be on the other side of the pitch i.e. marketing and optimization. Make sure that your products are easier to find than any of your rivals. Always try to be ahead of your competition. 

Competitor’s research with FindNiche

The next thing which you must keep in mind is to have a reliable supplier. The key to your dropshipping private label success majorly depends on your supplier. If your supplier can fulfill commitments, then your dropshipping business will have a boom.

 Lastly, you must keep an eye on your competitors because you must need to realize your competition if you want to stay long in the game. To do this, FindNiche is the perfect tool. 

Can You Do Dropshipping With No Money? We Have The Answers! 

1. Create A Store:

The first step to your financial freedom through this method of doing Dropshipping with no money requires you to create a store. Your options are eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.

Based on personal recommendation, you should opt for Shopify store as they have a free trial for two weeks where they let you sign up without adding your bank details.

2. Find A Supplier

Next, you will have to get a little busy in research and try to land a supplier. There are platforms like that allow you to find a supplier when you register on their website.

3. Invest Your Time

The next step is to find the correct product which you want to use for Dropshipping business. There are several tools available online that help you in product hunting which is the most critical part of dropshipping business.

By using these tools, you can hunt for a product that you feel targets a specific audience or has a specific use that is in demand. In this way, you can kick start your dropshipping business without any hassle. 

4. Market Your Product

Without any specific marketing tactic, all will go in vain. You have to engage the users through social media platforms and try to build an audience on your Shopify store.


I hope this comprehensive article answers your major questions about the dropshipping world in general. 

In specific, we have given an overview for effective dropshipping product research. Follow the methods to find trending products that you could promote via dropshipping.
Good Luck!!

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