How to Dress Casual: A Guide for Women

Did you know that casual clothes, sportswear to be specific, were first introduced in America in the late 1910s and early 1920s? Sure, if we compare to today’s fashion, we may think that the gored skirts and sweater sets were pretty formal, but back then, it was considered pretty laid-back style-wise.

Now, whether you’re going to the office on a casual Friday or heading to a board game evening at your friend’s house, an informal style is the best way to go.

If you usually dress smart and don’t know how to dress in a casual way, don’t worry, we have some fashion tips for you. Continue to read to learn how to dress in a laid-back yet stylish way.


Heading to a concert or the farmer’s market has never looked so good. As soon as you wear a t-shirt, you’ll make any outfit look more laid back. Rock it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and sneakers, or high-waisted shorts and over-the-knee boots, and you’ll be ready to go.

If you prefer a girlier style, put on a cute skirt and wedge heel sandals. To complete the look, add some accessories (you can’t go wrong with a choker necklace and stud earrings).


Learn how to be stylish with fashion models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid and start wearing jeans. Try it with a blazer, turtleneck shirt, and stilettos for a business casual look.

Combine your high-waisted jeans with a crop top, faux leather jacket, and sneakers for a fully laid-back look. Add a scarf to elevate your look instantly.


Skirts are a classic piece in women’s fashion, so don’t leave them on the back of your wardrobe.

Tuck a T-shirt into a midi skirt, and put on your ankle boots for a stylish look. If it’s too cold, feel free to add a jumper.

Finally, add some delicate accessories like an elegant bracelet or drop earrings, and you can go from the office to after-work drinks in no time.


The best thing about dressing casually is picking pieces that emphasize comfort. So, why not embrace chunky knitwear during colder months? It will certainly keep you warm and fashionable.

Think of oversized puff sleeves: they look amazing with a mini skirt or jeans. Are you not into it? Then try wearing a rollneck with a midi skirt or a pinafore instead. Add tights and a pair of thigh-high boots, and you’ll look like a fashion influencer. If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable knitwear and other kinds of tops, you can check out Vibe Clothing Company.

Jackets & Coats

If you’re feeling chilly, casual outwear is the answer. From leather jackets to duster coats, there are many outfit options that will keep you warm and in style.

Stand out from the crowd by wearing a loud color coat, or opt for an all-white ensemble. Don’t be afraid to play with lengths.


The best thing about dresses is how versatile they can be: how you wear them influences whether you’re dressing up or down.

Dresses are certainly not the most winter-friendly item, but as long as you add tights, boots, and a warm jacket, you should be fine.

Do you want another outfit option? Put on a cute midi dress, add a cardigan and wedge heel sandals, and you’re good to go.

How to Dress in a Casual Way

Now that you know how to dress in a casual way don’t be afraid to experiment with this style. Over time, you’ll learn what works best for you, so don’t be scared of taking risks!

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