How to Educate a Senior to Wear Adult Diapers

Dealing with incontinence is complex and many people, particularly seniors, try to ignore it. However, neglecting it draws more attention to the problem. You can make your loved ones resolve this issue, but it needs some patience and understanding.

Adult diapers like the Friends economy diaper improve the quality of life for people with incontinence issues. Those with medical needs can wear diapers under their regular clothes at any time. Some others need it only at night when they sleep. By wearing a diaper, people get dignity, freedom, and assurance in all situations.

Reasons to wear a diaper

The reasons for adults to wear a diaper may not be the same for all. Usually, diapers are needed after surgery, an accident, or a situation where the person is not near a bathroom.

Whatever the reason, the adult should be willing to wear a diaper and carry on with their daily activities without any problems. If they do not understand the benefits of wearing one, you have to help them understand its value.

Improves personal hygiene

Incontinence is not easy to accept. Sometimes seniors are not ready to wear a diaper even if they are suffering from incontinence issues. You need some time to explain the way a diaper can simplify their life. Diapers can save them from embarrassment and eliminate the foul odor from their room. They may not be concerned about smell or appearance, but you should solve their problem and boost their self-esteem.

Saves trouble

Disposable diapers are beneficial to people with limited mobility and who need assistance to move around. After surgery or illness, it may become difficult to get up from a bed or chair and walk to the bathroom. Moving around can take up all the energy from seniors and make them feel weak. By using a diaper, they can save their energy and stay clean.

Reduces anxiety

Most older people experience bladder leakage due to the weakening of bladder muscles. They need to stay close to a restroom to avoid embarrassing leakage problems. Incontinence interferes with their daily life and keeps them anxious all the time. A diaper eases their worries as they need not worry about stains when leaks occur.

Peaceful sleep

Overnight diapers are a necessity for some adults. They may not experience any difficulty in making it to the restroom during the day. It becomes a challenge at night to walk up to the bathroom. Leakages due to incontinence can wet their clothes and the bed. People are uncomfortable in wet clothes, and their sleep is disturbed. Wearing a diaper helps them to enjoy a peaceful sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

How to choose the correct diaper?

Choosing a diaper of the right size can be confusing because the person wearing it should feel comfortable. The diaper cannot be too big or too small. Big diapers cause leakage as they are not secure around the leg. The extra material can bunch up and cause skin irritation.

Small diapers can tear easily or pull on the skin, and skin damage can cause diaper rash. The material of the diaper should not cause any allergic skin reactions. If the incontinence issue is severe, choosing a highly absorbent diaper like disposable underwear is better.

Before choosing a diaper for your loved ones, consider the size, material, absorbency, and overall fit. Some diapers like the Friends Economy Diaper are available in different sizes and offer protection for almost nine hours. Diapers provide the exact type of protection a person needs to go out with confidence.

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