We tell you how to visually expand the boundaries of a small apartment and choose the right colors, furniture, and accessories. Especially since it’s much easier to make the room bigger than you think

Are you in need of something new? Not only are you bored with play Сasino games online, but also with your apartment? Want something new, but your apartment can not boast of extra square meters? This is not a reason to decorate the interior in the style of emphasized minimalism. Moreover, the right choice of color palette, furniture, and accessories will make even the smallest apartment more spacious. We’ll tell you where to start.

Idea #1: The Clean Slate

Different shades of white are a classic option for any interior design. This color not only easily adjusts to any style but also has a positive effect on the interior space, visually expanding it and filling it with air.

Idea #2: Whiter Than White

When choosing a color for the ceiling, forget about dark shades: they make the atmosphere uncomfortable and reduce the space of the room. Fill the house with light by painting the ceiling in gentle pastel shades. This will make it seem higher, and the living room will be more spacious.

Idea #3: Let There be Light!

Hang a large beautiful chandelier in the center of the living room. When you enter the room, the sight will fall first on the source of the upper light, so that the ceiling in the living room will seem higher.

Idea #4: The Formula for Coziness

With the right lighting, even the smallest room will seem larger. To achieve the desired effect, place a floor lamp in front of the mirror: your interior will become bright and spacious because good lighting is an absolute must-have for a cozy space.

Idea #5: More Is Better!

When choosing wallpaper or textiles, give preference to large patterns, because they optically expand the interior space. A small pattern, on the contrary, visually narrows the boundaries of the room.

Idea #6: Striped Flight

Perhaps one of the most successful patterns for decorating the interior of a small-sized room is a stripe. After all, longitudinal wide stripes on wallpaper, curtains, or carpet will not only decorate and diversify your interior but also visually expand its space.

Idea #7: Like a Feather

A lightweight glass furniture is a great option for owners of small rooms. After all, even large pieces of furniture made of glass look weightless and therefore do not clutter the interior space.

Idea #8: Total Order

Order – the first step to visually enlarge a small room: free the window sill from books and plants. Windows let in light and fill the room with air, so try to also leave them open and not cluttered with unnecessary things.

Idea #9: Nothing to Hide

If a rack, then it should be high, if shelves, then all the way to the ceiling: in this way you can visually “raise” the ceiling. And in order not to overload the interior, try not to overload the shelves with items – leave some empty spaces, and remember about the air.

Idea #10: The Magic of Glass

Small pieces of furniture made of glass and other lightweight materials look stylish, bring variety into the interior, and visually expand its space. And to give the room a more spacious and bright look, choose furniture with “legs”.

Idea #11: Inspector Gadget

A multifunctional furniture is a great option for those who are limited in square meters: it makes the interior more spacious. The main thing is to make it convenient for you to unfold the sofa bed or pull out the dining table. So choose a suitable place for the convertible furniture – taking into account its size.

Idea #12: Take the Height

A win-win option to visually increase the space of the interior is to hang the cornice as close to the ceiling as possible. And to achieve the maximum effect, curtains flowing to the floor will help.

Idea #13: In The Land of Mirrors

Do not forget about the mirrors – they can work real miracles! Creating an illusion of open space in the interior, mirrors fill the room with light and air.

Idea #14: In Plus Size Style

Large-format paintings not only attract attention, but also make the interior more volumetric, and therefore more interesting. The same cannot be said about the collection of miniature accessories, which clutter the space of the room and create a sense of clutter.

Idea #15: Oriental Guest

Increase the space of the living room can also be achieved with a rug. By laying it under the dining table or the TV, you will not only highlight the central area of the interior but also visually expand its space. The main thing is not to buy small rugs – they are unprofitable for dividing the room.

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