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The success of a business or a company depends largely on the personnel who work there since they are the ones responsible for achieving results for the company. For this reason, it is recommended that you, as an entrepreneur, right from the beginning, create a strategic plan in the short, medium, and long term where you specify all your work needs. But it all starts with the right staff for your business.

The first method that you should use to hire your business personnel is to create a labor organization chart, in which you must include the positions and functions of each person.

Another technique is to make a detailed description of each position. In addition to hiring personnel with the required skills, this allows everyone to know their responsibilities. It also allows you to measure the performance of your employees and to receive feedback. It also helps you increase their level of performance.

In addition, it is important to plan the benefits and compensation plans of your employees. When you offer your employees good benefits, you attract a better workforce. It is important to determine these benefits from your income and your sales prospects.

Another key is to hire staff through outsourcing. By doing so you can save money and improve performance. For example, areas such as accounting, marketing, and human resources can be contractors since when you start your business you do not need a full-time person, so you can save office space, equipment, insurance, payroll taxes, benefits, and other additional expenses to their salaries.

In this guide, we show you the top 10 sites from where you can grab the best employees.

1. LinkedIn:

Using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool is very common since it has become the most important professional network in the world. It has around 645 million users.

It was one of the first social networks dedicated to employment and today it continues to be one of the key channels for posting job offers or looking for a job. For a few years now, it has offered a paid version, LinkedIn Recruiter, with special functions to detect and attract candidates through the platform.

2. Leadar:

Leadar is one of the best web pages to find the right staff for your business. It has more than 110 million verified profiles. Its headquarter is based in the USA, ​​although it has more offices throughout the territory.

It is very easy for companies to find employees on this platform that is completely free. Leadar is a popular website with a good reputation which has a good source of candidates.

3. Indeed:

Launched in 2004, Indeed is one of the most popular job search sites in the United States. It is also available in many other countries and, since then, it has grown a lot. Its recognized trajectory and notification management system have been helpful in the process of expanding business. It also has a premium service to obtain a better positioning in the published offers and stand out in such a competitive market.

4. Google for jobs:

Google, of course, has also created its employment platform. As in the search engine, quality content is rewarded. If a recruiter has carefully written the offer, it will obtain more relevance and better positioning. In Google for Jobs, you can also add your logo, and reviews of your company will be displayed, offering users all the necessary information.

5. TechnoJobs:

If you are looking for IT specialists for your business, the right place to post the offer is TecnoJobs. This platform is very popular in the technical sector, which is why many professionals are aware of the fact that on this platform they can find a job offer and widely use it when looking for a job. You can publish offers promptly for free. However, if you have several open processes and you want to advertise them through TecnoJobs, you have the option of acquiring a flat rate.

6. Monster:

Monster surprises with its attractive design and usability. The functionalities it offers to companies are very interesting. It is possible to expand the information of the candidates through profiles based on data, as well as to evaluate their abilities and their suitability for the position. The website has a limited version that is free and a complete paid version.


This portal was founded in the mid-1990s and is one of the leaders in the sector. It currently has more than 9 million users actively seeking employment. To publish within the platform, all you have to do is register and create a company profile. You will receive notifications as you receive candidates.


If you develop independent jobs, you can rely on Fiverr to boost your business. All you have to do is register, create your profile and put together your work packages – on this platform they are called “Gigs”.

Each of your Gigs should describe the work you offer, the time it takes to do it, the added value you give to your potential clients, and what you charge for each task.

It is worth saying that this platform keeps 20% of the total amount that your clients pay you for each job done. That is, if they hire you for a Gig of 5 dollars, you will earn 4 dollars.

9. Freelancer:

Founded in 2009, Freelancer is considered to be one of the biggest platforms to search for remote employees. Specifically, it is an online job bank that allows you to search through a wide variety of categories. Some of them are design, architecture, computing, science and engineering, writing and content, software, marketing, business, languages, law, telecommunications, and more.

10. Upwork:

Upwork is one of the most popular websites which has millions of employees. It connects companies and individuals who are interested in working remotely. It is an excellent marketplace to hire staff online. Its operation is similar to Freelancer where employees can explore available job options, identify the projects they would like to work on, and finally send personalized proposals to try to be contacted.

UpWork also takes a 20% commission for every job you give to your employee online. However, if you develop long-term working relationships with certain clients, that percentage drops to 10% and then to 5%.


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