How to find the best car warranty for you motor car?

Before you set out to find the best car warranty for your Lexus, Chrysler, Honda or Audi, it is very important to be clear in your mind about what is your idea of ‘best’.  The word best can at the best be quite confusing a term because what is best for you may not be the same for many others.

Everything depends on the way things are perceived that can make something best or worst. For matters of car warranty, if you have adequate warranty coverage that can support the cost of economical repairs of the car, then it should be considered to be best for you.  How you should proceed to get the best car warranty for all car makes has been discussed in this post.

Scrutinise the coverage

Be very particular about the coverage that the warranty provides. Do not be carried away big names but go back to the basics to identify what is the scope of the warranty and what kinds or repairs are admissible. Identify the parts that are most susceptible to failure and make sure that it is included within the warranty.

Similarly, go through the list of exclusions and see if it is acceptable to you. If not, identify the items that should be included in the warranty and pay for it. Besides coverage, there are some added benefits that are part of warranty – towing facilities, car rental reimbursement and roadside assistance. Make sure that you are not deprived of it.

Tailor made warranty

Car warranty insurance policies are tailor made to suit customer’s requirements and you should take its advantage.  If the car warranty company does not allow you to make changes in the policy according to your suitability then look for a company that favours you. By adding selected items of your choice to the list of warranty cover, you are more comfortable than ever.

Beware of denials

Although car warranty insurance is meant to support your needs of car repairs there are exclusions and limits imposed on several items and categories that can actually reduce the benefits that you expect. There might be some spending limits on specific repairs that are costly or some very sensitive items may be excluded from coverage. All such exceptions are mentioned in the fine print of the policy that has to be painfully scrutinised to help you find the best warranty deal.

What about wear and tear?

Most car warranties do not include repairs arising from wear and tear and this holds good for all car makes regardless of its brand reputation. But there are a few car warranty companies that allow it.  Since extended warranty comes into force at a time when the car has begun ageing, it is likely to experience failures from wear and tear. Look for car warranty companies that take care of this aspect so that you reap the full benefits of warranty.

Since the purpose of car warranty is to ensure that the car is always up and running, the quality of service also matters a lot. Look for car warranty service providers backed by manufacturers so that the best quality of service is available.

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