How To Find The Best Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Are you sure about who to trust? How do you know if a timeshare cancellation company is right for you?

I can understand what you’re going through.

You’ve invested your hard-earned money in a timeshare, and now you’re stuck. Your dream of blending your investment with a wonderful leisure experience has turned into a terrible situation.

The maintenance fee is sky high, and you have no choice but to spend your vacation at the same place every year.

And now…

You are desperate to cancel your timeshare!

Timeshare cancellation is a critical process. It takes a complex legal process to set yourself free from the clutches of the timeshare. But, don’t worry, joining hands with the right timeshare company will make the process easy for you.

I’ve created a checklist to help you find the best timeshare cancellation companies. So, that you work with a reputable company and get the timeshare exit help that you deserve.

Let’s jump in…

1.     Proven Track Record Of Success

The first thing to look for in a timeshare cancellation company is its success record. A simple rule of thumb is to work with an experienced company. It has canceled the majority of its client’s timeshares.

The majority of people prefer to work with timeshare companies in the market for more than a decade.

Timesharing cancellation is a complex process and involves legal procedures. Thus, select a company that has experience of working with different timeshares contracts. This will increase the chances of canceling your timeshare contract.

The second thing that a timeshare cancellation company should have…

2.     Proper Legal Association

The timeshare company you hire must have a dedicated and competent team of lawyers. Because investment in a timeshare is a legal contract. It makes you the partial owner of the property and gives you the right to use it for a fixed period each year.

You are also bound to pay the maintenance fees every year. Thus, to exit your timeshare, a professional team is needed to help you.

Research about the lawyers in a timeshare company before making a decision.

The next item on this checklist is…

3.     Offers The Right Timeline

Exiting timeshare is not a quick process. It takes a lot of time to cancel your timeshare contract. Sometimes it can take even half a year or two years to exit the timeshare.

The high maintenance cost and other fees might tempt you to look for an easy and quick way out. So, if a company offers you a quick fix, beware of it. Timesharing cancellation is a legal matter, and it takes time. Thus, don’t fall for the companies that promise you an instant solution to your problem.

Up next is…

4.     100% Money-Back Guarantee

If the company offers you a 100% money-back guarantee, you can trust it to cancel your timeshare.

A company that offers a 100% money-back guarantee provides you a top-notch service. So that it can keep the payment from the clients.

If the company cannot pull you out of the contract within a certain time, you get your money back.

And while we are on the subject of costs and payment, let’s talk about…

5.     Inclusive of All Costs and Services

Make sure that the timeshare cancellation company’s service fee includes all its costs. A reputable company will charge you a flat fee that covers all the costs. It won’t ask you for money after every few days.

While discussing the fee, don’t forget to ask about the services it includes.  Will the company only work as an adviser, and you’ll handle the rest? Or will the company do all the work for you?

It’s better if the company does the work for you. Because it will save you a lot of time and cut down the stress that comes with timesharing cancellation.

Let’s talk about the next thing that you should consider, which is…

6.     Free Consultation

The best timeshare cancellation company will offer you a free consultation before you hire it. The free consultation session isn’t salesy, where the company forces you to hire it. Nor does it attach any obligation to hire the company after the consultation.

This is important for both the parties, i.e., you and the company. You ask as many questions as you want to gather all the needed information to cancel the timeshare.

Likewise, the company also asks questions to give you a custom quote.  Let’s talk more about it…

7.     Custom Quotes

Timeshare cancellation companies cannot give you an immediate or estimated quote. I’ve said it before, and I will repeat that timeshare cancellation isn’t a simple process.

Many factors affect the time it’ll take to exit the timeshare and its cost. For example:

  • Is your mortgage paid, or it isn’t?
  • Your payment and outstanding payments.
  • How many timeshares do you want to exit?

So, if a company gives you an exact rate before discussing these details, consider it a red flag. I would strongly recommend getting a free consultation. Discuss your timeshare

contract and other details to get the custom quote.

Another thing that will help you find the best company is to check if it offers remarkable customer service.

8.     Customer Service

Look for the timeshare companies that assign their clients a dedicated manager. The manager will guide the client throughout the cancellation process. In this way, the client won’t have to repeat their entire story to a new person every time they contact the company.

This might sound like a small step, but trust us, it’ll make a huge difference. Selecting a company with excellent customer service will save you from repeating your situation.

Moving on to #9, which is…

9.     Location

It is important to consider the company’s physical location before you start working with them. If the company has many branches in the country, it is a good sign. It shows that the company is legitimate and reputable.

10. Credit Protection

Always check what the timeshare cancellation company suggests about monthly payments.

It is illegal for a timeshare cancellation company to suggest you not pay your timeshare payments. Also, not paying your dues and payments will harm your credit score.

If a company advises you not to pay the dues, run away from it. Because it shows that they aren’t professional, and their advice will affect your credit score.

Ready to Find The Best Timeshare Cancellation Company? 

Timeshare cancellation is no joke. Understand that it’s not a short process that will pull you out of your contract, nope.

Exiting timeshare involves legal matters, and hence they should be left on experts. So, use the above checklist to find the best timeshare cancellation company for you.

Good Luck!

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