Finding the perfect trouser or gym pants can be hard with hundreds of styles and colours to choose from. There are denim jeans, slacks, cropped trousers, chinos, leggings, jumpsuits and even gymnastic pants for girls. With that range of choices, buying one can be as dizzying as shopping for other items. You can go around several stores for hours and still end up empty-handed or having too many that look good on display, but do not look good on you. That is why before making a purchase, it is important to know your body shape and what goes well with it.

Knowing your body shape can make the pants selection process a lot smoother. By choosing pants that complement your body, you are upgrading your fashion to a whole new level. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that what looks fabulous on others would flatter your body the same way, so it is crucial to distinguish what works for you. When you know your body type, you can select the right pants cut, rise, and measurement that would enhance your appearance and not make you look like you are 10 years older.

Body Shapes and Trouser/Gym Pants Styles

Women come in all shapes and sizes. This created a wide range of body shapes that a woman can be classified in. The most common ones are I, A, 8, V, H, O and petite. Read on to know more about these types and what styles can flatter them.

I shape

This is also known as rectangle or straight because your waist measurements are almost the same as your hip and bust, and your shoulder and hips are similar in width. Given that there is not much curve going on, pants that create one would definitely make you look wonderful. Trousers that have hip details, such as pleats, would do the trick.

A Shape

This shape means that you have shoulders and bust that are narrower than your hips/thighs. You also have a defined waist. To make things more balanced, find pants that are boot cut or flared. Those with a wide waistband are also preferable.

8 Shape

You have an 8 shape if your hips and shoulders are nearly proportional to each other and you have a well-defined waist. What differentiates it from an hourglass shape is that you have a high shelf hip. For this, a wide waistband with straight and trouser cut styles or boot cut can enhance your appearance.

V Shape

Because you have wider shoulders than your hips (like an inverted triangle), wearing trousers with a wide leg shape and having a hip detail can give you more curves. Boyfriend style, flared and straight-leg pants are also excellent choices.

H Shape

If your shoulders and hips have the same width, plus you do not have a defined waist, you should go for straight-leg pants. You may consider jeans and trousers with a stretch fit to avoid sagging under the bottom. Wearing trousers with a high waist and those with decorations on the waist is also good.

O Shape

Being an O shape means that your tummy is the most prominent part of your body. In order to balance it out, wear longer and loose tunic tops and get pants that have less fabric in the thighs and bottom. Avoid high-waisted trousers. Pick a high-rise or mid-rise denim to appear slimmer


Being petite means that you are a bit on the short side when it comes to height. Because of this, it is recommended to wear pants that will make your legs look longer. Avoid low-rise denim for it will make your legs look even shorter. Instead, choose mid-rise pants or high-rise jeans to get some length from your torso that you can give to your lower half. Try out sailor pants, flare pants and pants with vertical details.

Bonus: Athletic

Having a muscular body does not mean that you have to shop for pants in the men’s clothing section. Refer to the V shape tips if you have bigger shoulders and arms. If you have muscles in the butt and hip area, high-rise pants can help you gain more curves. Stretch denim is good too because it can provide more comfort for your muscular thighs than the normal tight jeans.


Women have a lot of body types, but thankfully, the trousers or gym pants section is vast enough to accommodate all. You only need to identify your body type, search for the specific styles that would flatter it, and you will be able to look even more fabulous than before. So next time you are out shopping for trousers or gym pants, find something that is made for you, and you are on your way to stunning people with your gorgeous looks.

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