How to find the right glasses based on your face shape

“The human body is the best work of art.” And that includes our diverse range of face shapes. Not many people look at their face shape while selecting glasses. But you must be aware of what your face shape is; and accordingly find the best frame for yourself.

How to know your face shape?

Method #1

Firstly, pull back your hair off your forehead so that your entire face looks clear. Click a photo and get it printed in a big size. Use the photo to outline your face shape with a bold highlighter. Now, the outline would suggest a geometrical shape that is not exactly accurate but resembles any one of major face shapes.


This simple trick helps you to instantly find the frame you must be looking for rather than browsing for hours online or trying them at a store. When your options are narrowed and clear, the outcome is less-time consuming and beautifully beneficiary. This simple trick would help find the perfect pair of women and men’s glasses in an instant.

Method #2

For some people, the previous method doesn’t do well in distinguishing between some subtly different face shapes like diamond and ovals. So this new step focuses on accurate spotting with measuring tape. Similar to the first step, pull your hair back and tie it behind. You can also use a printed photocopy in case you have one. With a measuring tape, measure the following areas of your face:

Forehead width: Measure the width at the widest part, starting from one end of the hairline to another.

Cheekbone width: Starting from the hairline above your cheekbone, measure the distance across your face from one end to the other.

Face Length: Vertically, from the centre of your hairline to the tip of the chin

Jawline Width: Start from the base of the jaw, below your ears to the tip of your chin.


With these measurements, you’ll be able to know your face shape. We’ll align the face shape recognition process with the perfect specs online recommendation that’ll suit your face shape the most.

Round Face Shape – Square, Geometric & High-arched cat-eye Glasses

If you have rounded hairline, equal-sized face width & length and a rounded jawline, then you have a round-shaped face. We need angular frame styles when it comes to the right fit for round face shape.

Not just angular, the frame must be with clean lines and boldness. Frame thickness and design on round glasses must be emphasised, hence square frames with sharp edges are an ideal style. Geometric frames in the octagonal design must be sharper, to balance the roundness of your face. A classic choice in women’s glasses are cat-eye with their iconic arced features. People with round face shapes have curvy cheeks to showcase that is perfectly brought to attention by a chic pair of cat-eye frames.

Square Face Shape: Round and Oval Glasses

If you have a straight forehead line, minimally curved cheekbones, equal face length & width and a strong, square jawline, then you have a square-shaped face.

Square face shapes are known for angular, clean and straight face shapes. So to balance the face shape, we need an opposite style to turn out great. Round glasses and oval glasses with their softened angles are perfect for square face shape.

Diamond Face Shape: Rectangular, Oval or Round glasses

If your forehead is smaller than your cheekbones, with narrow chin area and wider cheekbones then you are gifted with a rare face shape: diamond.

Horn-rimmed frames, oval, rectangle and cat-eye glasses are most flattering on diamond face shape. Their angles are softened with round and oval glasses while rectangular glasses enhance the sharp features.

Heart Face Shape: Heavy-bottom frames, Oval frames and Subtle or Rimless glasses

Is your forehead wider than your jawline? Is it the same size as your cheekbones, and do you have a narrow jawline with a stronger chin? Also, if your face is longer in length compared to width then you have a heart-shaped face.

To fill the gap of the slightly wider jawline, your selection of glasses must include those which are rounder and thick at the bottom part. It draws attention to your cheekbones and balances the face symmetry. Look out for bottom-heavy frames, oval frames and subtle or rimless frames.

Oval Face Shape: Square, rectangular or Geometric glasses

Find your forehead is smaller than your cheekbones? Have a tall forehead with sharp angles on the jaw or chin? Also, is your face length bigger than the width? If yes, then you have an oval-shaped face.

People with an oval face shape are lucky as most styles effortlessly suit them. But when it comes to the perfect one, we have a preference for square, geometric or rectangular glasses. These frames accentuate the strong feature of the oval face shape and take away your attention from its weak point giving it a perfect balance.

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