How to fix a Headphone Jack?

Music is for everyone and for years it is becoming more accessible through different devices. Now a days, Listening to music with your headphones is the most common way. It will be difficult to listen music if your headphone jack is not working.

What will you do if you face such a situation that you want to listen music you simply plug in your  headphones and place the earphones on your ear you play music but you can’t hear it. In fact your headphones are in good condition. Later you come to know that your headphone jack is damaged.

Many of us faces such situation in which there headphone jack are not working properly.  Now does it means that you need to get new headphones,  no it doesn’t it can be fixed at home.

Don’t worry go on reading,  to find out the answer of your question. Here I will explain you how to fix a Headphone Jack.

Procedure of fixing headphone jack.

To fix your headphone jack, first you will need to collect all the required materials:

  1. Soldering Iron.
  2. Soldering Wire.
  3. Soldering Flux.
  4. Wire Stripper or Scissors.
  5. Candle or Match Box.
  6. A Headphone jack.
  7. Sand paper.

Follow the steps given below to fix your headphone jack:

  1. Headphone jack

Most of the headphones use a standard jack of 3.5mm. So you will need a 3.5mm jack. This jack have two types, first one is with 3 terminals and second one is with 4 terminals. The 3 terminal jack is for stereo audio and the 4 terminal jack is for additional microphone. I am going to show you how to fix a Headphone jack you can fix both of these using this method.

  1. Remove the old jack.

Now you need to cut the old jack using Wire Strippers or Scissors. You will, have to cut leaving 1cm of wire from the jack. It is necessary to keep it keep it safe and to avoid any damage near the jack.

  1. Removal of Insulation.

Before you start the Soldering process you need to remove the insulation first. To remove the insulation in the wires, you have to burn it with the help of a candle or a match stick. It is important to note that removing the insulation, a cause wire to char up, clean it with the help of sandpaper.

You have to remove the insulation depending on your headphones. It may have 3 or 4 or 5 wires. If it has 3 or 4 wires it’s a stereo headphone without microphone and if it has 5 wires than it is the one with microphone.

  1. Soldering.

The last step is to solder the wire to the new headphone jack. Use solder Flux over the wire and pre solder it before Soldering it to the new headphone jack.                                                             If you have more than two copper coloured wires that solder it together and that will solder the longest terminal to the new headphone jack.

You will have to solder the individual channel wire, which are often colour coded as red and blue and red and green.

After that you have solder all the terminals, now you have to check the audio of your headphones before inserting the headphones cap on it.

  1. Enjoy Music.

Now you should have successfully fixed your headphone jack and you can go back on enjoying music.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ).                                              

Following are the answers of some of the frequently asked questions :

Can you fix broken headphone jack?                                                          

Ans : Yes, you can fix your broken headphone jack only if you have the right tools. You can strip the cord of the headphone cable off and simply add a new plug to its end. There parts only cost a few dollars and it is much better than replacing with a new expensive headset.

  1. Why is one of my headphones not working?

Ans : There are many reasons that a pair of headphones is playing sound only out of one ear. The most common reason is that the wires near the audio jack has bent, back and froth so many times that it have cause short in the wiring.

  1. How do you get a broken headphone jack out of the tablet?

Ans : Make sure that it is narrow and long enough to reach into the socket and to reach the broken earphone plug. Then tab a tiny amount of the hot glue on the end and wait for it to cool slightly. Now carefully insert it into the earphone socket, until it touches the debris. Wait for the glue to cool and dry then remove it.


In this article I have explained to you in detail that how to fix a Headphone Jack.  I have explained to you in steps that how can you fix a Headphone Jack but the only requirement is that you may have some of the solder knowledge.  Follow the steps explained above completely to fix your headphone jack.  I have also given you detailed answers of some of the frequently asked questions.

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