How to Fix a Speedometer That Is Not Working

It’s always frustrating to see your speedometer not working properly and it’s even worse when you’re driving on the highway, making a sudden stop, or speeding up. Learn how to fix a speedometer cluster  that is not working through this article.

What is a speedometer?

A speedometer is an instrument that measures speed, typically as a function of time. The earliest models were driven by horsepower and designed with an odometer to measure distance. It can be used on a vehicle, boat, or aircraft, but is most commonly found on motorcycles and bicycles.

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Why is my speedometer not working?

There are a few reasons why your speedometer may not be working. The most common reason for this is that the vehicle was hit in a collision, which can cause it to not work properly. If you notice that the speedometer on your dashboard is not working properly or has stopped working, you should get it checked by a mechanic quickly.

When a speedometer has gone out, it is usually due to one of two things: an electrical issue or water damage. If the meter is not working right, it might have stopped running on its own and may need repair. When you are buying a new speedometer, make sure that you know the make and model of your car so you know the correct parts to purchase.

How do I fix the speedometer?

The speedometer is one of the most important and often neglected features of a car. When it stops working, drivers are usually left in the dark. There are several ways to fix a speedometer not working. One way is to have your mechanic check the gauge and make sure that there is no electrical issue. Another possible fix is by adjusting the float of your speedometer- making it so that it moves slower than usual on a steep incline or faster on an incline with less slope.

However, this fix can be hard on your speedometer if you are not careful and don’t know what you are doing. You can also check the gauge cable for damage. The length is usually around 2 inches and can be adjusted in increments of a half-inch. If it has been damaged, it can be replaced by a professional. An oil leak in the transmission can cause the speedometer to malfunction. If you see an oil leak, it can be fixed by changing the transmission fluid and replacing the transmission.

Excessive Speedometer Fluctuation

If your speedometer fluctuates more than it should, it might be a sign that there is something wrong with it. This can be caused by a faulty speed sensor or bad wiring. Replacing the speedometer can fix the issue but if these are fixed and it still does not work properly, this could be a sign of a more serious problem. If you notice a significant amount of speedometer fluctuation, this can be a sign that the transmission is on its way out.

A professional can help you find the root of the problem. Wear and Tear on the TransmissionAutomatic transmissions have a reputation for being more prone to failure than manual transmissions. This is because they have more moving parts and complex functions. This means that they are more likely to break down than manual transmissions. Worn-out transmission components are more likely to start slipping and cause further damage. This is certainly the case on auto-diffs, which have a high failure rate compared to manual auto-diffs. Worn-out transmission fluid can also cause erratic behavior in auto-diffs.

Troubleshooting the Issue of a Badly Working Speedometer

Sometimes speedometers do not work properly during the colder months because they are exposed to more moisture. This is why you must have a backup system in place such as an odometer or timer on your vehicle. If your speedometer still doesn’t function, you’ll need to reset it by taking out the storage battery. Next, you need to unscrew the speedometer from the bracket and remove it from the shaft. Then, find a heavy object and smash it against the shaft until you hear the gears snap back into place.

If this doesn’t work, you can get a new speedometer by contacting your local auto parts store. Contacting a local mechanic will also allow you to find a shop that can fix your speedometer. If the price There are a few different things that you can do if your speedometer is not working. You may need to replace the speedometer itself or you might just have to replace the sensor. You can try to fix your speedometer yourself if you have the tools, but it is not recommended.


When a speedometer is not working, one of the easiest things to do is push down on the lid. This will cause the needle to move up and the mph and kph numbers will appear in the window.

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