About laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is durable and attractive; that’s why it is a popular choice to be used in households. Comparing it with other flooring types will be the last option because it looks impressive and can face occasional spills.

It is a multi-layer of synthetic flooring products that are fused through the lamination process. The laminate floor gives a photographic applique layer of wood with a transparent protective layer just above it.

Causes of water damage on laminate flooring:

In actual laminate flooring is water-resistant, laminate flooring underlay good for fixing laminate floor. which means if the water is spilled out on the floor, it can be wiped off, and there won’t be any damage. But if the situation changes, and flooding occurs, and the laminated floor submerged with the water, it will start to warp.

At the end of every individual board, you will notice the starting of warp. When this started to occur, the only thing you can do is replace every warp board with the new ones, contact water damage repair phoenixand get the repair done by professionals.

What makes the laminate floor challenging to repair?

As you know that the laminate floor is water-resistant, and the spill of water on it can be cleaned without any damage.

But flooding can cause severe damage to your laminate floor. As when your laminated floor is saturated with water, it will soon start to wrap, which you will see at every board’s ends. Well, thinking of repair is difficult because of some reasons. These reasons are listed below:

  • It is tough to find a perfectly matching laminate.
  • Water will be soaked underneath the floor and between the boards, so hard to clean it.
  • If the water is trapped between the cushioning materials, it is impossible to remove without tearing the floor.

How will you know about the water damage?

How will you detect that your laminate floor is damaged by water? It is relatively easy to find visually. Below are given all the symptoms of water damage you will see and then have to take action:

  • You will see swelling, puffiness, and plank edges or primarily at the end of every board.
  • Cupping will occur in which the board will be swelled from sides.
  • Crowning will occur in which only the center part of the board is raised higher than other sides.
  • The sides of every board will be separated from each other, which will call buckling.
  • One of the significant damages suffered by the boards is cracking or splitting.

It is self-evident that drying is not the solution to any of the symptoms, so you have to remove the boards and replace them with new ones.

How to fix the water damage from the laminated floor?

There are a few steps which will guide you that can you fixing the water damaged laminate floor:

Check the leak and fix it:

Leaks of the water pipes under the laminate floor can also cause warp to the floor, whether it can also drive if you are spilling out water in the same area again and again. The first step is to check it and repair it; ignoring it can cause more severe issues. So, if you face difficulty or cannot find the leak, ask water damage repair phoenix to find and fix it for you.

If you are thinking of fixing the laminate flooring without stopping the leaks, it will be worse in the future. So, make sure to repair all the leaks before repairing the floor.

Preparing the tools to repair the floor:

the next step is to prepare the tools you need during the fixation of the foot. The list is given below:

  • Safety glasses.
  • Putty knife.
  • Flooring adhesive.
  • I measure tape.
  • Utility knife.
  • Cleaning solvents.
  • Replacement underlayment material.

Apart from the tools, you will also need all the matching planks to fit perfectly on your floor. It isn’t easy to find precisely matching design, so the most accessible way is to search it online or go to the store from where you bought first.

Start removing all the damaged planks:

After you gathered all the tools and matching planks, start removing thedamaged planks.

  • Start pulling all the damaged parts with a putty knife.
  • Make sure to remove the whole plank whether the only small part is damaged.
  • Try to remove the whole plank as it will expose the floor.
  • Always check the molds, clean it first before the installation of new planks.

Installation of new planks:

Before installing the new planks, always clean the floor and check the new planks’ size. After that, put some adhesive first and then start putting new planks. Still place any heavy object on the newly established plank and then leave it for a few hours.


It is said to be the most challenging work to repair the laminated floor Because it’s hard to find as same designed pieces of planks you already have. If you already purchased extra planks when you were laminating your foundation, it’s not a problem for you now.

You can choose a design similar to the flooring you have or completely change it. If most of the planks are damaged, changing the laminate floor entirely is okay, but you will undoubtedly face problems if only some are damaged. You can do it without professional help, but you will need professional help in a few steps, like finding the leakage.


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