How to Get Cheap JetBlue Airline Tickets?

Whether you are on a tight budget or not, nobody dislikes spending more for tickets.

JetBlue is the seventh-largest airline in the United States based on passenger traffic. Known for providing good value for money and excellent customer service, it is a low-cost airline. Find more JetBlue Airline tips & information here to help you save on your flight.

Days to fly with JetBlue Airline & buy tickets

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are known in the US as the cheapest days to book JetBlue flight tickets and also for every airline.

There is a difference depending on the time of year and the season you are booking. Comparing your flight ticket fare with other airlines is a smart way to get the best deal and the lowest airfare.

The best time of year to purchase JetBlue Airline tickets

When is the right time to buy cheap flight tickets is unpredictable. Analyzing the past data indicates that the airfare of the tickets changes around every one week.

To get the cheapest JetBlue airline tickets, it’s best to purchase them at least two months or 70 days in advance of your departure date for domestic flights.

What is the best time to book your tickets in advance depending on the season in the US:

  1. In Winter:

Winter is a festive month in the US, which is why people return to their hometown to celebrate with family. In the winter, you must book your tickets 94 days in advance on average.

  1. In Spring:

The time of year is quite nice to go on a vacation somewhere else. This means that 84 days of advance booking will be ideal for this spring season.

  1. In Summer:

People get out of the house during the summer months to enjoy some beach or hillside vacations. During the summer season, booking flight tickets fairly early is required, as it usually takes 99 days on average.

  1. In Fall:

Since fall is a year-ending month in the US, people would tend to stay at their offices to finish up the year’s accounting before winter arrives. People, therefore, travel less and you can book your tickets a little later about 69 days before your departure.

Three more Jetblue Airlines insider tips for booking international flights

In addition to JetBlue airline’s cheap air flight tickets, you may also be able to find other ways to get them:

Social Media:

Airlines have also started utilizing social media as a sales channel and method of spreading their schemes and deals over social media platforms in this world of digital marketing.

Facebook and Twitter have been chosen by JetBlue airline as the most active social media platforms, as they keep their customers informed about new offers and deals for JetBlue airline tickets.

Enable notifications:

As soon as you turn on the notification, you will receive real-time offers and deals from the airlines.

Turn on your notification bell to be the first to learn about the latest JetBlue airline ticket sales.


It is extremely useful for frequent flyers. If you are someone who likes to travel and have no idea where to go, use the getaway map to learn about each place’s airfare.

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