How to Get More Live Video Views on Instagram

Every Instagram user wants his or her video to get more views. However, nobody watches your videos which were made with love to the world except your followers. This is upsetting because you hoped that all people of the world and other nationalities would see you and your work would be appreciated. So, what should you do to get more Instagram live video views?

If you’ll manage to follow some or all of these useful tips, your Instagram videos will definitely get a lot of views:

  • Write a little information or a small story under your video. The text should be written in an informal style such as storytelling. Do not write fakes because people will feel it. Moreover, vines with descriptions are always more popular than those without.
  • There is no doubt that your video will be in the top 10 if you post your video at a certain time. Analise your previous posts and find out at which time your video gets the most views and likes.
  • Get more comments. Ask people to answer your question in the description, set up giveaways or contests, etc. Try to start up communication in your content so that users will continue it. To get more views, ask your viewers to mark their friends in the comments. The more comments will be under the video, the more views you will get.
  • Share your video in the Stories. You can also make some teasers to pay people’s attention to your upcoming post.
  • Write as many hashtags as you can. That way not only your followers but also those who follow the hashtag may see your video. For instance, if you post a video where you do fitness, followers of the #sport hashtag might also notice your video.
  • Make a video that will connect with new trends on the Internet. Try to be on the same wave with the world’s new tendency. For example, make a video challenge or make a cover for a new popular song. Make a video recipe for a trending snack.
  • Maybe you notice that bloggers publish their posts on certain days, don’t you? Make a schedule when you have to post your new video. Because of that, people will be waiting for your video.
  • You can buy targeted advertising once per week or a month. You should know that advertising costs real money so do not spend all your cash for one day. Spend 1-2 dollars per day or 10 dollars per week.
  • Be an active user. Watch people’s stories, like their posts. People will notice your activity on their page so you can be interesting to them. Write comments under the post you like. If your comment is interesting, people who read it will visit your account and will see the video.

As you can see, getting more video views on Instagram is not that hard when you have a guide and you know what to do. All you need is patience and observation. You will reach the goal and not only your mates but a lot of new users will see your video.

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