How to Get More Reviews on Products

Product reviews are a great source of generating sales. More than 70% of the customers say that they pay significant importance to product reviews before purchasing a product. Customers usually prefer buying products from a site with substantial product ratings and reviews because nobody wants to waste their money and time on something that’s going to bring a terrible experience.

Do you want to instill trust in your business? Are you searching for helpful tips and tricks to gain more and more favorable product reviews blogs? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Here in this article, we have listed some of the best techniques which you can adopt to gain more reviews on your products.

6 Ways to Get Reviews on Products

Here are a few easy methods of getting reviews of your products.

1.   Make Things Easy

Customers would love to leave a review provided it is easy. The more complicated the process is, the more the customers will avoid leaving a review. Customers aren’t going to go on several levels deep in your website and search for the review section. They will only leave a review if the process is super easy and comfortable.

Hence, make sure that the process is as easier as possible. This way, you will end up getting more and more reviews on your product.

2.   Display Reviews on Your Website

When a customer leaves a review, make sure that you display that on your website. This act will bring the following benefits.

  • Builds the trust for other shoppers as they can see that customers are enjoying this product
  • The original content helps in SEO marketing and website ranking.
  • Shoppers may share reviews, leave suggestions, ask questions and mark other reviews as helpful or unhelpful.

So, if you are asking for reviews, make sure that you publish them on your website. Furthermore, don’t forget to share reviews on social platforms so that you can grab more and more customers.

3.   Reward Your Customers

Another considerable approach to increasing product reviews is by rewarding those customers who leave a review. Many organizations reward 100 points or about $5-$10 to the customers who write a review for them.

So, at the start, you can offer incentives to your customers who write reviews for you. It’s not necessary that you have to pay for a review every time; instead, you can offer many other incentives to the clients who leave a positive and honest review of your product.

4.   Send Follow-up Emails

Once your client purchases the product from your store, send them a post-purchase email. Request them to leave an honest review on your website regarding the product. Post-purchase emails have a strong impact and play a vital role in increasing the reviews on your website.

If you want to take maximum advantage of these post-purchase emails, make sure to send it within a week of the purchase so that the client does not forget to leave a review.

5.   Focus on the Negative Reviews

Most of the product owners ignore the negative reviews, which isn’t a good option. As a product owner, you must pay significant attention to the negative reviews and effectively deal with them. What you should do with the negative reviews is:

  • Apologize
  • Tell the customer how they can contact you.
  • Ask him what issues he is facing.
  • Put efforts to make things work for them.

If you can solve their issues and make them happy, your client will convert his negative review to a positive one, and this is a big success for you. Make sure to handle things professionally while talking to the customers.

6.   Appreciate the Buyers who leave a Review

Monitor your reviews at least once a week. Focus on what is being said by the buyers. Work on making improvements suggested by the buyers. Above all, send a “Thank You” note to the buyers who appreciate your product.

It won’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes to thank all the customers who left a positive review for you. These 15 minutes are worth spending as this will help in building trust with your clients. Don’t rely on a simple thumbs-up; rather, spare some time to write a few sentences and thank your customer for using your product and sharing a positive response.

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