How to Get Rid Of Hard Water Build-up in Your Hair

Many people aren’t aware that water can play a huge part in their hair’s condition. Apparently, the water that comes into your faucet and shower can actually contribute to damaging your hair. This is because some areas have a buildup of minerals in their water supply that could cause buildup in your hair.

Fortunately, hard water buildup in your hair is easy to treat. Here are some solutions you can try.

Hard Water Shampoo

For places with a hard water supply, it’s not ideal that you use regular shampoos. Sure, it will help you clean your hair. But, you won’t be able to completely get rid of the buildup in your hair. A shampoo for hard water can help you, though. It removes the accumulated build-up while it restores your hair. Experts say you can use it once a week. Also, be sure to focus on the type of hard water shampoo that’s suited for your hair type and color, as well as your and scalp’s needs too.

Hard Water Treatment

The shampoo doesn’t form a lather, hair is dry and frizzy. hair breaking off at the base is the most common issue due to the hard water. Hard water or water hardness has high mineral content with magnesium and calcium carbonates, that generate soap scum build-up on your hair, skin, showroom wall. Having proper water treatment can solve this issue.

Citrus and Vinegar

If you want to try natural solutions, you can go for citrus or vinegar rinse too. These solutions help lower the pH level in your scalp. Plus, they nourish your hair with healthy vitamins like vitamins B and C.

For the vinegar rinse, you should dilute apple cider vinegar with purified water. Then spray it on your hair and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

For the citrus rinse, on the flip side, it’s ideal to use lemon or lime juice. Mix three tablespoons of it with purified water and leave it on for five minutes, just as you should with the vinegar rinse.

How to Get Rid Of Hard Water Build-up in Your Hair

Hair Mask

Another good way to get rid of the damaging hard water build-up on your hair is to use a hair mask. This will restore your hair’s moisture and shine.

There are various hair masks in the market that you can try out. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure that you massage it well into your scalp and work it to the tips of your locks. Usually, you should leave it on for at least five minutes, but it would still depend on the type of hair mask you use.

New Shower Head

Unfortunately, you can’t change your water supply. But, you can change your shower head. Instead of your usual shower head, you can install a water softener shower head. It has cartridges that can filter the minerals in the water before it could even touch your hair. Thus, you won’t need to bother about the build-up on your hair anymore.

Distilled Water

If you’re traveling to a hard water area, one of the things you can do is wash your hair with distilled water. If the distilled water supply is limited, you can just save it for the last rinse after shampooing.

Hard water sure is healthy but only for drinking. If used on the hair, though, it can be pretty damaging. It could dry your hair and affect its shine. So, be sure to take care of your hair.

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