How to Get Dubai Citizenship

The minimum amount to buy a property in Turkey and obtain citizenship is only US$250,000

On September 19, 2018 and December 7, 2018, the turkey citizenship parliament announced amendments to the bill. The new Turkish citizenship law will reduce the minimum amount of citizenship through Turkish real estate investment from 1 million US dollars to 250,000 US dollars, and only need to keep it for 3 years without selling That’s it. As a result, the Turkish real estate investment naturalization project has become one of the lower-priced citizen naturalization projects on the market.

There are 4 steps to apply
  • Arrange a visit itinerary

We are a professional Turkish real estate company with extensive experience in obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. We have helped hundreds of clients successfully obtain Turkish citizenship.

  • Buying real estate in Turkey

We show you the best price-guaranteed properties, which will facilitate citizenship programs.

  • Apply for citizenship

We show you Turkish properties that are suitable for citizenship by investment with the best price guarantee.

  • Become a citizen and get a Turkish ID card and passport

We provide you with lawyers with rich experience in naturalization by investment. Antalya House Real Estate Brokerage Company will assist you in handling naturalization by investment easily. The time required to apply for a Turkish passport is usually 30 to 60 days, depending on the number of family members of the applicant and the required documents.

  • Q: Should I buy a property over US$250,000, or can I buy more than one?
    Answer: You only need to buy real estate with a total value of more than $250,000. You can buy one set or several sets. You need to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment for everyone at the same time. If the declared value of the real estate exceeds US$250,000, the Tapu office in Turkey accepts citizenship applications.
  • Q: If I purchase an off-plan property under construction, but have not obtained the title certificate, can I apply for naturalization?
    Answer: Yes, the government accepts notarized home purchase promises. If you have already paid more than US$250,000, you can apply for Turkish citizenship with a notarized purchase pledge of citizen property.
  • Q: I bought real estate with installments, can I get Turkish citizenship?
    Answer: Yes, if you have notarized the real estate purchase commitment, and you paid in installments through the bank after September 19, 2018, if the total payment has exceeded US$250,000, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • Q: I have bought real estate in Turkey before. Can I apply for citizenship now?
    Answer: If you apply for a certificate of title at the Tapu office after September 18, 2018, you can obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. For example, you have not registered the title deed when you buy the property because you have been paying in installments. If all your payments after September 19, 2018 total more than US$250,000, you will be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • Q: If I purchase commercial real estate with rental income, can I obtain Turkish citizenship through investment?
    Answer: Yes, any type of Turkish real estate will do. Check out Turkish properties with rental income here
  • Q: What are the responsibilities of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization?
    Answer: The Ministry and the sworn appraiser verified whether the value declared on the title deed is correct and exceeds US$250,000. The payment of the real estate price shall be paid to the seller by bank transfer.
  • Question: How to become a Turkish citizen through fund investment and how does this process work?
    Answer: You can apply to your bank (Halkbank, İşbank, Akbank or QNB Finansbank) after purchasing a real estate investment fund (REIF) worth more than USD 500,000. This is one of the fastest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. This application form has been sent to the Turkish Capital Market Committee. We received the “Citizenship Approval Document” from the bank, which is a mandatory document for citizenship applications for fund investment. Antalya House helps you collect/fill all the required documents. Finally, send the application form to the General Administration of Population and Citizenship, and please sign it at the end. (Read more about obtaining Turkish citizenship through fund investment.)

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