How To Go Green With These Easy Practices

Dalai Lama quotes “It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.” 

We are all aware of the environmental conditions today, like oceans filled with plastic, global warming, unclean beaches & mountains, extinction of endangered species, pollution, etc. and we are all responsible for it. Many things are going wrong on our planet and honestly, most of them are out of the control of a common man. 

But there are still many things that we can do and adapt as a part of our lifestyle to contribute our share to our mother nature. We can be an inspiration to many people around us like our friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and so on. 

Below are some practices that we should and must follow that are pretty easy for an eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • Reduce The Use Of Plastic Bags

Always carry jute, cotton, or any eco-friendly shopping bag with you in your pocket or your handbag, so that whenever you stop by to buy something like groceries you don’t end up taking plastic bags. It takes time to build this habit but eventually you will get used to it for the better.

  • Throw Away Most Of The Plastics From Your Home

Make your home plastic-free. Start using steel/glass bottles, containers, and tiffins. There are a lot of substitutes for plastics available in the market today. Try to research a bit on them and choose them over plastics wherever possible.

  • Walk/Cycle More

We understand that it is impossible and inconvenient to avoid cabs/cars/buses when you are traveling long distances. But try to make it a habit of walking and cycling more when you are traveling shorter distances. Not only does it help to reduce air pollution, but it also keeps your health in check. It is a win-win for both the environment and your body.

  • Use Energy Efficiently

Try to minimize the consumption of electricity whenever you can by switching off lights and fan carefully if you are not using them. use water carefully and get your plumbing system fixed quickly if your taps or showers are leaking to avoid any water wastage. If you see someone else wasting it, explain to them politely to also do the same.

  • Shift To Eco-Friendly Products for home & Commercial Purposes

There are so many companies that have started manufacturing and selling eco-friendly substitutes for harmful materials and chemicals that you can start utilizing and accepting in your homes and companies. Companies provide excellent products that are used throughout impacted and threatened areas of the Gulf to provide critical shoreline protection by their oil spills solutions.

  • Go Electronic

In today’s time, it is so easy to reduce and in fact completely avoid the use of paper. We have our mobiles, laptops, tablets always with us. Also, with e-learning, most of the schools, colleges, and universities have shifted to online. So try using your electronic gadgets to take down your notes instead of wasting paper.

  • Plant 

Plant as many trees as possible around you, in your house, outside your house, in your offices. Whenever you go out for treks or picnics with your friends or family or office colleagues, carry plant samplings with you and plant them in nature. Teach your kids at an early age how to plant trees and how to grow them from seeds. 


Environmental issues are very serious concerns and as a member of the Earth family, it is a responsibility of each one of us to do our bit to keep it clean and safe. If not hosting environmental protests or starting a campaign, we can at least try to be eco-friendly in our day-to-day lives. Making even the smallest of the contributions to our planet by each one of us can have a bigger impact we all will be proud of.

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