How to Grow a Small Business Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to growing a small business, it can be difficult to get things off the ground. Small enterprises and start-ups are faced with many challenges, such as, finding and attracting potential customers and retaining customers. Without demand growing, it will not be possible to grow your brand. Small businesses are unlikely to have the budget of a larger corporation, who can spend thousands of dollars on fruitful marketing and advertising. It is vital for small business owners to prioritise an effective strategy over investing in a costly marketing campaign. What can they do to aid the growth of their business without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas of ways which will assist in attracting and turning potential customers into actual sales.

Audience research

No matter what stage the business is at, in is important to carry out regular audience research. Know where potential customers can be found, as well as how and where they purchase goods or services. Ensure the target audience is reached.

Build a quality website

On the flip side, the target audience needs to know where to find the product or service. With the growing move away from bricks and mortar stores and towards e-commerce, a website will be the greatest digital asset to a small enterprise. A site does not need to look fancy but rather provide clear and useful information in an appealing manner, with high quality photographs. Above all it should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.


SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. This essentially refers to how visible a website and the content it provides is to the consumer through a search engine. Think of it this way if you are searching for a produce where do you go and what do you do?

It is important to do some keyword research. This will provide information on which terms and key words consumers type into a search engine when seeking a product or service. Thus, prioritising these on your site. Bear in mind that is a process, and an aspect of the business that should be repeated frequently.

Utilise knowledge and expertise by creating compelling and useful information in written form about the product or service through a blog on the website. If you write good content, other sites are more likely to endorse the content and refer customers back to the website via a link. Small business owners can enlist the help of link building company who will be able to develop a strategy specific to reaching your product’s target audience. A reputable company with plenty of experience will be able to work within your budget to fulfil your needs across multiple languages.

Use social media

Social media platforms are free tools which can be used to build a following and grow the visibility of a brand. By putting the brand and the business owner out there, through photos and videos, consumers are more likely to connect with you.

But remember, most people don’t go to social media to shop rather to follow and engage with people. Therefore, ensure content is personable, creative and of value. Consumers are more conscious than ever about where their purchases are coming from and how they are being made. Show the production process and of your input into it.

Keep all social networking accounts similar and in line with your brand, post regularly, make use the additional features, link to your website or shop, and use relevant hashtags. Interact with people follow others and interact in a genuine manner.

Hire a consultant or agency

It is a challenge to grow a small business. Employing the help of a marketing consultant or agency will help when it comes to creating and implementing a clear strategy for growth. Consider your marketing budget, what you can spend and still be profitable. This initial investment will lead to more fruitful outcomes in the long term. Together a plan can be designed to create content and engage with digital PR to drive traffic to your website.

Most of these tips can be put into practice with relatively little cost. These steps will ensure your brand gains more exposure and ultimately increase revenue without eating into your profits.

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