How to Handle a Messy Garage?

One may find this surprising, but a very large part of people who own garages do not park their cars in them. Instead, it is full of unused and broken items that homeowners store with the intent of using in the future but never do so. So, things keep piling up as time passes, and soon where you expect a car, you see heaps of boxes and other unused stuff which has no importance in the main house itself. The ultimate resort for them is to hire garage cleanout Fairfield CA services, when there isn’t even space left for walking.

Imagine parking a car in the garage instead of using it as a storeroom. All that needs to be done is a little cleaning up on the weekend and you will get your garage back. You look at the garage and take in all the mess wondering whether it is worth it or not, well, it is. With just a little planning and time you’ll get your garage back. Let’s talk about how one can clean his garage efficiently and what things he should look out for.

Clear out the garage

The first thing to do is clear out the floor. You will probably need some space to move around. So, move everything from the ground to the outside of the garage. Then start clearing everything else out once you have space. Do not focus on organizing everything at the moment, that is to be done later on. Not knowing where to start is common. My advice would be to start with anyone section like shelves or tables and work your way through there

Cleaning up the garage

Once everything is out of the garage, the next step is to clean it up. Start with the walls. Bring in a vacuum cleaner or a long brush to wipe down those spider webs. Then clean out the walls and check for any cracks or leakages. Cover up any holes and check for mice. Do all this thoroughly as you most likely won’t be cleaning your garage any time soon. Check for any sort of insect infestation or termites. professional help can be called in like exterminators to check for infestations. Clean the walls by scrubbing them with a mixture of water and bleach. This will disinfect it and remove mold.

After doing the roof, walls, and all the checks, clean the floor. Vacuum the place down thoroughly.

Organize Everything

After cleaning up the garage, the next thing to do is organize and arrange everything taken out from the garage. Make 4 categories of items.

  • Things you wish to keep, this includes all the stuff you consider will be of use to you in the future. Think about the things you want to put back in the garage. Don’t repeat your mistakes by putting them back and never using them. How you can set the criteria for this is, ask yourself if you need the object you are considering to store, how will it help you, does it function properly, does it have any use in the future depending upon changing circumstances. These questions will surely help in deciding.
  • The next are the things you want to throw out. This is easy, things that are broken or have no future must be thrown out. That can be any broken or old machinery, torn or moth-eaten clothes. Machine or car parts that no longer support any model or are broken. These are some very common things one finds in garages.
  • Then comes the things you want to donate. Items that you no longer need but are working fine and can still be used in this time can be donated. Some things are timeless like clothes or blankets. Any type of cloth that is not torn or worn out can always be reused.
  • At the end comes the things you want to sell. Items too expensive to just give away but are of no use to you can be sold online. This way you can get rid of extra stuff and earn some money.

Putting things back

The main reason for clearing out a garage is to make space for the vehicles. So that means fewer items on the floor.  A simple solution to this is shelves, install shelves on the garage walls and relocate the stuff there. Stack boxes on top of boxes, taking care of fragile ones.

And in no time, you’ll have the space to park your cars and be able to walk around, it will seem like a room that wasn’t a part of your house before. If you believe you do not have the time and energy to carry out this detailed task on your own, contact 3 Kings Hauling & More. They offer the best garage cleanout services in the vicinity.

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