How to know if your child is faking sleep

Inadequate or excess sleep can disrupt the brain chemicals, limiting the potential of the brain. That’s why a healthy sleep routine is essential for everyone, especially kids, as their brains are still nourishing. For a healthy sleep routine, quality sleep is a must. Comfortable bed essentials, such as the Mela kids weighted blanket, can help with that significantly.

A study concluded that about half of the child population in America suffers from sleeping disorders due to insufficient sleep.

Sleep deprivation affects both mental and physical health. It can cause stress, Alzheimer’s, muscle ache, and even obesity! Without a doubt, sleep deprivation can destroy your child internally and externally.

And where our child’s health is concerned, we all want only the best for our children. If you are curious about what you can do, we are here to help! Listed below are some strategies that will help your children develop healthy sleeping habits.

Sleeping Schedule

Ensure that your child goes to sleep and wakes up at a precise time every day, and gets sufficient sleep. Even on holidays, the routine should be followed and not get disrupted.

Quiet and Healthy Environment

Providing a healthy and quiet environment is another strategy to help your children develop healthy sleep habits. A peaceful environment is the basis of healthy sleep. Approximately 93% of people agree that a cold and quiet room with little or no exposure to light helps you sleep better.

Restrict your child from using light-emitting gadgets, such as mobile phones, at least half an hour before going to bed. That’s because mobile phones emit blue light rays similar to daylight. It can stimulate your child’s brain to think it’s daytime, which you don’t want. Take note that slow songs can also help your child fall asleep faster.

Healthy nourishment

Health and sleep are affected by the diet one follows. Avoid giving your child a heavy meal within an hour or two of his bedtime, so they sleep with no distress. A small meal before bedtime can improve their sleep. But make sure your child doesn’t go to sleep with an empty stomach, as it may cause stomach aches, and keep his mind alert.

Caffeine is similar to an intoxicant for your child. Therefore, you should remove it from the diet. Caffeine takes up to 10 hours to wear off, safe to say that it can nullify the quality of slumber.

Physical exercise

Regular exercises help regulate the sleep cycle. A 2013 survey concluded that about 80% of people who regularly exercised experienced fairly good sleep quality. Not surprisingly, the figure dropped to 56% for those who did not exercise regularly. Thus, you might want to encourage your child to exercise daily to maintain a good sleep cycle.

Child’s feeling of safety

Kids can get scared of the dark and not go to sleep with the lights on. Try sleeping with your child every two days. Eventually, he will get accustomed to sleeping in the dark. Also, avoid showing horror movies or TV shows to your children, so they can sleep peacefully at night.

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