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Who is a Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is an individual professional or a firm that helps in keeping a complete track of and records all your daily, weekly or monthly monetary dealings, cash transactions, financial statements, purchase bills & expenditure receipts in the accounts book or ledger. There are quite a few reasons, as to why a company outsources their bookkeeping activity to a third-party vendor. It saves time, money and effort to keep a dedicated accounts team or department for the job. Else, if you already have a bookkeeping team, and they’re loaded with work, you can hire a separate bookkeeper to assist them.

A company bookkeeper is able to efficiently set up your accounts and financial reporting mechanisms, so that you can easily keep a track on all your expenses. The basic task of a full charge bookkeeper is to effectively streamline the accounts monitoring system, by checking, recording and balancing. This is how your company’s books stay organized and ‘clean’, without any manipulations.

How Can ‘Ageras’ Help in Finding a Bookkeeper Near You?

You can simply visit the website of “Ageras”, fill out an online application form, mentioning all your job role requirements & company details, and they provide you with 3 no-obligation or non-binding quotes within a matter of 1-2 days. You can compare these quotes with other service providers, and choose the best that suits your company’s or department’s requirements. It’s quite an easy and efficient way to find a bookkeeper near you, in the US.

Benefits & Advantages of Hiring a Bookkeeper

  • Extensive Transaction Recording

Having an ‘up-to-date’ book not only helps you maintain a close eye on all your company’s accounts and business transactions, but also helps in accessing all your financial statements, whenever the need arises. For example, if you’re subject to an external IRS tax audit, such detailed and organized accounts book, make it easier for the auditors to go through the tax auditing process.

  • Helps in Tax Assessment

A full-charge bookkeeper anywhere in the US can help predict taxes, based upon your company’s balance sheet and yearly expenditure report. In this way, you can precisely calculate your tax returns. In fact, it helps you know the exact amount of tax deductions that you need to report in your income tax (IT) paperwork, and be able to file your tax returns in an efficient way.

  • Maintain a Clean Accounts Book

When you have access to all the relevant business data and financial information, you’re in a position to make better future investment decisions that propel the growth of your company. Therefore, having cleaner books maintained by a dedicated bookkeeper can help in easy business planning for the future. Basically, it is having a proper understanding of your financial standing in the market, profit & loss and balance sheet.

The Precise Role of a Full Charge Bookkeeper

A full charge or contractual bookkeeper manages all your day-to-day financial transactions, and ensures that everything is properly maintained, recorded and in order. Their basic task is to keep a full record of all your income & expenditure, by maintaining it in a ledger book. It can be cash dealings, way bills, money receipts, rewards, gifts, vouchers, stationery expenses, payroll expenses, etc. Most importantly, it is to review all the financial data of a company accurately and keep a record of the financial assets of an organization, business entity or individual. A professional bookkeeper is one that emphasizes attention to details, while recording numerical data, so that there’s no possible error. It’s like working in a ‘Six Sigma’ environment, where there’s no scope for errors and mistakes. So, a bookkeeper has to be ethical in his/her dealings, when it comes to maintaining the confidentiality of a client company’s financial records. It is all about ethics and integrity.

In the present times, all full charge bookkeepers manage financial information about a company or business, electronically. It is stored in Cloud computing systems and devices, without any risk of losing information or malware attack. Therefore, today’s bookkeeping firms and accounts professionals specialize in handling all accounting software, spreadsheets and databases that are supported by Cloud. Since bookkeepers also handle services like managing bank deposits, tracking bills and preparing tax files for local, state and federal taxes, they are comfortable working on all such online systems, tools & accounting software.

The primary role of a bookkeeper is to record the expenditure and revenue of a business in an accounts ledger, by calculating all the income, expenses, profit & loss at the end of a month. They also keep a track of income statements, pay bills, payroll and also help draft an agreement with company’s suppliers or vendors. And for the services provided to clients, they either charge on a fixed-rate, hourly or per-task basis. Today, all small & mid size enterprises, NGOs, charitable organizations and individuals require the services of bookkeepers to keep a track of all their financial papers.

Final Words

The services of a full-charge bookkeeping firm is imperative for any organization big or small, in order to keep an effective track of all its financial dealings, regarding income & expenditure and profit & loss, by maintaining a proper record of all. As an organization grows in size, it requires an expert or an accounts specialist to keep an effective track of all its day-to-day finances and transactions, so that it becomes easy to take strategic decisions and plan future investments. This is how you can focus on your core business deliverables, and leave the non-core activities like accounts, tax, files & payroll to a third party vendor. One such professional would do it all for you in a seamless and hassle-free manner, by charging you a standard fee, which is definitely worthwhile for the said tasks performed.

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