6 Ways to Deliver a Great Shopping experience with E-commerce mobile app

In this day and age, mobile apps are quickly becoming a necessity for most organizations. Some businesses need apps to launch to address the needs of their target market. Others may want one so that they can make their internal intra- or inter-departmental functions and processes more efficient and streamlined. No matter what your motivation may be, it is important that you hire the best possible mobile app developers for your project if you want to achieve success and perfection.

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This short yet focused guide is for those entrepreneurs, product owners, and managers who are in search of the best possible software development resources. First, we will give you some important advice on the things you must do before you begin with the recruitment process. Then, we are going to touch upon the topic of the top options that are available for clients when it comes to hiring developers. At the end, we will give you tips on where to look for the best app development providers.

Where to start

Before you start your search for someone who can provide you with quality yet affordable mobile app development services, there is some work you need to do on your own. The development process cannot succeed without proper research about the feasibility of the app itself. Here are some questions you should first find out the answers to:

  • Is your app idea rock solid?
  • What are you trying to achieve from this app?
  • Are you developing this app for your employees?
  • What kind of app do they need?
  • Will your app be available to the general public?
  • Is there a particular segment of the population that you want to target as potential users of the app?
  • What kind of problems are you looking to solve with your app?
  • Have you figured out how your app’s design will cater to its users?
  • Which technologies and development methodologies are you going to use?
  • Are you going to make an Android app or are you looking at an iOS app development project?
  • Have you looked into sales, marketing, or potential monetization plans for your app?

Your outsourcing options

Now let us go over your hiring options for mobile app development services. There are two main categories that you can choose from, freelance developers and development companies.

Freelancers are individuals that list their offerings on online platforms like Fiverr. They work independently and are not employed by any organization. There is only one major pro of hiring a freelance app developer: low costs. For that low cost, there are many, many things you might have to compromise on. Since their services come cheap, there is no guarantee that they will provide the best quality of work to you. They often take up multiple projects at the same time and then find it hard to manage them together. This causes them to fall behind on delivery deadlines. Sometimes, freelancers are also hard to get in touch with since the working hours that they set for themselves – according to their own comfort and availability – may differ from yours.

Now let’s talk about the second option, software companies. A professional app development company is a firm with a ready-to-hire and ready-to-manage team of the best project managers, software architects, CTOs, analysts, designers, coders, and testers in the industry. They often have resources who excel at both Android and iOS app development. Their services are often more expensive than freelancers but these higher costs are always justified. Their team is highly experienced with multiple tools and technologies. They are willing to adjust their work hours to yours or provide maximum time overlap. With a dedicated team, you can have multiple resources who work only on your project with full focus. You can also decide how involved you want to be in the whole development process.

Where to find a trusted mobile app development company

Out of the three options we have discussed above, if you have chosen to go for the third most reliable option then you must now be wondering where you can find a company that would make your investment worthwhile. We will tell you about three great ways to search for a reliable app development company.

The simplest, most straightforward thing you can do is open up Google and run a simple search. If you do not mind the location of your provider, then the search can be quite straightforward. Something as simple as ‘app development company’ or similar query will bring up tons of results. However, if you want the provider to be based in a specific location, then you may have to modify your query a little bit. For example, if you are based in the UK and/or would want to work for a reliable provider in the UK region, the following are some simple queries you can look up in order to get results that are specific to this region only:

  • ‘mobile app development company in the UK’
  • ‘iOS app developers in the UK’
  • ‘Android app developers in the UK’
  • ‘hybrid mobile app developers in London UK’

Another method of looking up region-specific providers is to look into local business listing sites, also known as directories. For example, if you want to look up a mobile app development company in London, you can search websites such as the UK Small Business Directory. From these sites, you can obtain companies’ complete contact information, such as contact numbers and mailing addresses. Some directories feature brief descriptions of companies’ profiles and portfolios too.

The third method involves taking the help of review platforms such as Clutch and Manifest. These websites are essentially listing sites but with the addition of detailed profiles for all the companies that are listed here, including reviews and past works. These platforms are also great if you want to look up a mobile app development company in the UK or any other specific location in the world. You can set additional filters besides location, such as ratings (or the number of stars), budgets, and types of services they provide. The best part about these review platforms is that they publish detailed customer feedback which is verified. They conduct these interviews themselves by contacting customers directly. They ask a few questions about the clients’ experiences with a particular company and publish their answers, including a star rating or a score that contributes to the ranking of the company on the platform. Thus, these sites are great if you want to know if a particular company you have found can be trusted with our project or not.

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