How to Increase The Lifespan Of Your Generator

Do you intend to buy a new generator for your company or home usage? Since a generator is usually a significant investment, you should get the best out of it. Generators usually play an essential role in various sectors as they act as alternative power supplies. Therefore, having a generator is a perfect power backup for your company. However, failure to undertake certain precautions can impair its efficiency and reduce its lifespan. The following are tips for increasing a generator’s lifespan.

Change Oil And Oil Filters Often

As time passes, a generator’s engine oil reduces in viscosity due to heat exposure and may also gather sludge that forms dirt particles. Apart from affecting the fuel economy of your generator, contaminated oil can reduce the general lifespan of your equipment due to corrosion, restricted oil flow, and engine hot spots.

Typically, you should change the engine oil after 100 hours of use to prevent the engine from seizing up and maintain the lubrication system. Moreover, changing the oil filters extracts metal components and soot from the oil. This is because diesel engines must have a clean air supply to enhance combustion. If debris blocks the filters, the airflow is largely limited. This may reduce the engine’s lifespan, impair the engine power, and increase fuel consumption.

Create An Optimal Working State

Place your generator in an expansive enclosure. You need to ensure that the compartment is well ventilated and cleaned frequently. It is also crucial to ensure the enclosure is safeguarded from flooding. Besides, the generator should be secure from unauthorized persons.

Using High-Quality Fuel

Although you may be tempted to opt for cheaply sourced or low-grade fuel to save your money, this can significantly cost you in the long run. Typically, diesel starts to degrade after leaving the refinery. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your product doesn’t have biodegradable elements which may block and destroy the engine system. Besides, consider requesting your maintenance company on how to check the fuel quality.

Undertake Load Bank Testing Frequently

Load bank tests are essential since they can help you determine the efficiency of your equipment. These tests are usually ways of preventative maintenance. Since backup generators are not used frequently, consider testing them to check their efficiency.

A load bank test involves a process whereby an artificial load dries the engine to a specific operating temperature and pressure. This test exercises the equipment to ensure it can operate at its specific kilowatt output. A load bank test improves your equipment’s condition by verifying electrical connections and eliminating buildup from the engine. Besides, these tests can also help you detect potential faulty components or areas that need to be checked during scheduled service and maintenance.

Adhere To The Manufacturer’s Instructions

If you want to get the best returns from your commercial generator, adhere to the specific instructions issued by the equipment manufacturer. Typically, manufacturers give instructions regarding the installation size, maintenance, load size, fuel type, exercise, and frequency.

These instructions help you take appropriate care practices on your equipment to continue operating effectively for a long time as stipulated. Although there are general service and maintenance guidelines, the manufacturer’s instructions are crucial since certain equipment must follow the specific guidelines to continue working effectively.

Do Not Ignore Warnings Signs

You may note some strange patterns in your equipment. This can be a knocking noise or a strange sound. If you or sensors detect any unusual signs, shut down the equipment immediately and call a technician as soon as possible. Besides, you should not delay the necessary repairs. Lastly, avoid doing DIY repairs if you lack professional knowledge.

A generator is usually a significant investment that needs optimum care. Frequent breakdowns or failure to meet the intended lifespan can be frustrating. Following the above tips can increase your equipment’s lifespan.

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