How to Innovate Your Business During Pandemic

Running a successful business is complex and even more difficult during a pandemic.

Intermittent quarantine schedules, state-wide shutdowns, and cash flow problems are only a few of many problems facing small businesses. However, despite the troubles, many have survived and are better for it. For example, re-inventing a logo with space print.

Those who have survived emerged stronger and more capable than before. Which will give them a heads up in the upcoming market shift happening as the freelance market is expected to boom.

So, here are a few ways to topics to consider when looking to innovate an existing business.


Social distance measures have brought many businesses into the 21st century. The age-old wisdom, “That’s how it’s always been done,” is over.

Take this time and embrace new techniques and innovations that might have been overlooked before. Re-examine the structure of the business and see where technology can make things a little simpler.

Better Service

This should go without saying, but offer better service than anyone else. When considering the tremendous competition out there, the thing that drives business is customer service.

Typically, customers are drawn back to a business or service because of how they felt while making that decision. There is no room for error in this category, as the effects are not readily apparent.


In the stillness of the pandemic, many people have discovered new passions and interests. The same goes for businesses. Use this time to re-brand the business and make it into something fresh and clean.

This can look as simple as a new logo or as complex as a new marketing strategy. Take this time to re-examine current practices and be prepared to toss any that no longer fit. Consider this re-branding a kind of ‘spring clean-up.’

A great example is branding a business as a “clean space.” Have the office or store cleaned, professionally, at night and then market it as having been professionally cleaned— regularly.

Socially Aware

Become socially aware. There are a lot of issues that have gained the public limelight, and they are also great ways to attract new business. For example, taking a stance and limiting one’s carbon footprint might attract a more earthy clientele.

Match the cause with the business, but be sure to do it in a genuine and organic way. If the message conveyed is not authentic, the social awareness can seem glossary and backfire as merely a ploy to gain business. Be smart.

That being said, it is generally good advice not to arbitrarily take a stance on any polarizing topic. In other words, research the problems happening in the world and find what is most captivating.

So, Remember

There is no magic recipe for success. Running a business is difficult, especially during a pandemic. Success will require sacrifice, discipline, and innovation.

Do not be afraid to ditch models or practices that have worked well in the past. Sometimes, the most expensive words that can be said are, “That’s how it’s always been done.”

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