How to Know Which Is the Best DTH Recharge Plan for You

Whatever the situation, making choices has always been a challenging task. Because depending on the results of your preference, you can end up being incredibly thrilled or terribly dissatisfied. The same holds true for your choice to select a new DTH plan. Therefore, before choosing the finest DTH package for you, you need to consider several criteria.

The most crucial aspect you should consider when selecting a DTH provider is the variety of plans and packages available. Do they provide monthly, quarterly, biannual, and yearly plans? What subgenres and regional languages are available? These are some of the questions that one must find answers to before picking their DTH Recharge plan.

DTH Connections

In India, the development of DTH services has been exponential. Numerous businesses are aggressively marketing DTH services in India as demand for DTH grows daily. The audience can choose from a wide variety of DTH plans.

Although DTH is getting increasingly popular, when purchasing a new connection, one should not lose track of what is essential. It is always necessary for you to think about a few of the vital components of a DTH connection. These include the costs and packages, various set-top box varieties, warranty duration, etc.

Factors to Consider before finalising a DTH Plan

You have to think about specific factors before finalizing a DTH plan. Some of which are:

  1. Screen Resolution

While some consumers might opt to go with an SD or HD resolution to save some money, others might wish to increase their viewing experience by choosing a 4K resolution. Decide what you desire, then select the best DTH plan per your preference.

For example, if you want to view HD Channels, go for a pack that provides you with many HD options. Tata Sky recharge plans have packs like Tata Play premium TV HD Binge Netflix combo, with about 55 HD Channels. You can use trusted payment service provider apps like MobiKwik to do the recharge online swiftly and conveniently.

  1. Channels

There is a wide variety of plans in various DTH providers that you can choose from. You can select individual channels alone or a combo pack of different ones that focuses on a specific regional language and includes other languages.

For example, you might subscribe to the Sun Direct HD Tamil Prime Plus 6 M by doing the Sun Direct recharge through MobiKwik with a validity of 6 Months to activate the entertainment package. There are 49 channels overall on the Sun Direct HD Tamil Prime Plus 6 M, 14 of which are very popular. The package includes two English, five infotainment, one Kannada, eight children’s, one Malayalam, three news, four sports, fifteen Tamil, one Telugu, and nine HD channels.

  1. Genres

You can choose packages based on your required channels only. For example, if you only want to watch sports channels, you can do a Tata Sky recharge exclusively to subscribe to Tata Play Sports. The pack has a validity of 1 Month. There are a total of 12 sports channels available on this sports-only pack.

  1. Duration

Another important factor in selecting a DTH plan is the duration. Plans of different durations are available from different DTH providers. For example, Sun Direct recharge for one month, three months, and Six months are available.

  1. Price

You can also select plans according to the price. Tata Sky recharge plans are available in many price ranges depending on the provider, duration, pack, etc. You can select the most affordable one from the list. You can recharge online from MobiKwik, which does not charge any extra money for the recharge and also offers exciting offers, rewards, and cashback for the recharges.


You can combine all the above factors and other factors, depending on your circumstances, and choose the best optimum plan for you. The ideal DTH plan will vary depending on the user. What is ideal for you might not be suitable for someone else. It is so that it can accommodate your needs and requirements. Decide thoughtfully on your optimal DTH plan.

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