How to locate and extract email addresses from LinkedIn using email finders? 

The business world is a cat and mouse game. It is a never-ending circle of meeting new people, establishing connections, and surveying the competition. Everybody’s trying to one-up each other and get ahead as fast as possible. The question on everybody’s mind is: how do I become successful? The answer is surprisingly simple – establish a network. Easier said than done, you might say. Fair enough, meeting people is difficult. Landing their contact information is even more so. That’s why successful business people, young and veteran, use platforms such as LinkedIn to show off their accomplishments. 

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It works sort of like Facebook for career-oriented people. Whether you are an intern fresh off from college, a recruiter looking to find capable workers, or just a business owner who’s trying to reach out to colleagues, LinkedIn is essential. Still, the main trick when using LinkedIn is that not all users make their emails publicly available on the platform. That significantly limits your options of reaching out to people. Fortunately, there is a way to extract emails from LinkedIn, even if the user keeps this information private.  

Free LinkedIn email extraction

Email extractors are the go-to software for quickly collecting business-related emails, phone numbers, and instant messenger IDs. There are various email extractors on the market that relatively all do the same thing:

  • Collect email addresses and phone numbers from an online database;
  • Search through private correspondence to locate sensitive information such as home telephones and home addresses;
  • Scan through popular search engines to find relative data to the search inquire;
  • Sometimes, although rarely, locate and collect personal IP addresses.

As you can see, there is a variety of available services when using email extractors. However, not all of these services are strictly legal and certified. Free email extractors often require users to download additional software containing malicious software, such as Key Generator Savers and PC Screenshot Collectors. These malicious programs pretend to perform user search queries but are, in fact, collecting the user’s personal data. 

When looking for an email collector, users should only choose services that offer valid certification, such as public key infrastructure (PKI) and are Google certified. Many free email extractors plaster these certificates all over their websites or forums and try to lure unsuspecting people into downloading their software. Not to mention that many free email extractors do not return correct user searches. You could look for John Doe’s email but be given Doe John’s contact information instead. This could potentially damage your business and leave a bad impression on your business contacts.

Using an unregistered free email extractor could potentially lead to the loss of private information.

Use SignalHire to extract LinkedIn emails

But how do you find someone’s contact information on LinkedIn safely? Do not fret; there is a simple solution to that problem. Email finders are software or browser extensions that use publicly available data to locate and copy available email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details. Most email extractors use third-party systems such as CRM, which manually copy available email addresses and phone numbers. Looking through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of entries is incredibly time-consuming. Email finders such as SignalHire automate the process. What would normally take days to complete is instead done in a few clicks, without any manual labor. SignalHire offers two easy to use search options:

  • Internal Database 

SignalHire’s internal database contains over 400+ million verified contacts. The service offers not only emails but also phone numbers and links to social media accounts, all neatly arranged in one place. The online database allows the user to search by name or issue a bulk search by using a company name, slogan, or other related keywords.

  • Browser plugin

The fastest way to extract business emails from LinkedIn is to install the SignalHire browser extension. The extension is compatible with Chrome and Mozilla browsers and can pull details from the SignalHire database in seconds. Simply click on the extension icon when viewing someone’s LinkedIn profile, and you will get all the info available in the main database. 

Before you get started, you will need to create an account. Account creation is completely free and doesn’t require the user to upload a payment option of any kind. Once the SignalHire extension has been installed, and a free account has been created, the user will be able to extract any email or phone number from LinkedIn.

Now, you can locate any profile on LinkedIn using the Chrome browser. An extension icon (marked with SH) should have appeared in the window’s top right corner. Selecting the extension icon will make a drop-down menu appear. You can request a profile’s contact details by clicking on the “Reveal Contacts” button. 

 That’s it!

SignalHire Free Trial & Paid Version

SignalHire offers a Free Trial with limited features and a Pay-per-Feature subscription model that is billed monthly.

Users who opt-in for the Free Trial will receive five free email credits per month. One credit equals one email search. Credits are restored after a full month period has elapsed since the creation of the Free Trial. While five email searches per month might not sound too extravagant, the offer certainly helps when you are simply searching for a lost email or are a recruiter who is just starting out. This option is perfect for smaller businesses or for individual use as it does not require an initial investment. SignalHire will not try to push the subscription model on you if you don’t need any added features. Free Trials do not expire and can be used indefinitely. The Free trial allows access to the Internal Database of over 450 million verified contacts. An upgrade is available at any time should there be a demand for more features.

The Paid Version three different Pricing Plans with several varying features:

  • Lead Generation

This subscription enlarges the pool of email credits that a user can own per month from 5 to 350. Credits are restored once per month on the date that the subscription was issued. Alongside additional credits, users receive access to more features: ATS / Team management, Email sync, Bulk emails, and Browser extension. This subscription plan is meant for a higher level of recruiters or a small to medium-sized business. The price of the subscription is $49 per month. Users can receive a 35% discount if they subscribe for annual billing at $39 per month.

  • Phone Box

This subscription model is meant for users who aren’t interested in locating email addresses but only need to find phone numbers. Users receive an upgrade from 5 credits per month to 100 phone credits per month. The plan is billed at $49 per month or at $39 per month if billed annually. The package includes access to the following features: ATS / Team management, Browser extension, and phone number search. 

  • Recruiter Pro

This subscription plan is perfect for recruiting companies, marketing specialists, and private online sellers. The plan gives users access to 100 contact credits per month and allows them to search for emails and phone numbers. Credits are restored automatically one month after purchasing the plan. In addition to all of the above, users receive access to additional features: ATS / Team management, Email sync, Bulk emails, and Browser extension.

If users lack credits, their subscription plan can be altered to include additional searches. 

Should I Try SignalHire? 

Many people associate email finders and extractors with spam marketing or phishing scams. While there have been cases of abuse, professionals use data from contact finders wisely. Legit services like SignalHire only use publicly available data that can be found online without breaching the personal space of its clients. SignalHire does not employ malicious trackers or malware and, unlike other email finders out there, does not sell client information to third-party developers. The tool allows its user to reach out to new demographics and expand their professional contact circle. Hundreds of positive reviews can be found on their webpage or with a simple Google search. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.   

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