How to Make a Living as a Photographer

Many people first get involved in photography as a hobby, whether it is capturing great landscapes, wildlife or simply just making memories to keep. Having an eye for great photography is something that many create over years, improving their skills and understanding more about their photography style. 

However, many that take part in photography would also like to see some reward for their hard work, which is why many look for ways to turn their hobby into a career. Making a living as a photographer can seem like a challenge at first, but with these top tips from ClickASnap, you will be earning money for your photography in no time.

Become a photographer for a business

In today’s world so many businesses are conducted online, which means having a professional and helpful website in order to sell products or services. If you have a skill for photography, one of the ways to earn money from your trade is to offer your services to businesses for their website imagery. 

Businesses are always looking for individuals to shoot professional imagery for their website, whether it’s products or lifestyle shots. The right imagery can elevate a website and help the business improve its reputation, which gives you something to add to your portfolio as well as receiving payment.

Join a photo sharing site

Another way to make a living as a photographer is to join a photo sharing sites. These type of websites allow you to upload your photographs and earn money when someone views them. It’s perfect whether you are a photography enthusiast making money from a hobby, or you are a budding professional. 

Photo sharing sites are often accompanied by forums and an online community for you to engage with other photographers and photography fans, which could also lead to learning new skills. You can also help other budding photographers by viewing their photos too!

Sell copies of your photos

Turning your photographs into something sellable is a perfect way to make money from your photography skills. Consider creating digital or printed copies of your photographs and selling them, as they are often popular to hang in people’s homes or places of work. 

You could even go a step further and turn your photographs into keyrings, mugs or canvas prints, which can all be sold online or at artisan markets. 

Learn a specific photography style

Earning money from photography can be done by learning a particular style, as you can then offer your skills in that industry. For example, wedding photography can be a very lucrative path to follow, as you can then take bookings to capture people’s special day.

There is a huge range of photography styles for you to try your hand at, from sports photography to newborn photography, all of which are services that people will pay good money for!

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