How to make a logo for a brand?

Every company has its own logo or trademark, which emphasizes its activities and helps it stand out in the market among competitors. A correctly chosen logo is a powerful tool for brand promotion. A whole team of specialists works on the idea and creation of the logo. The development of technology allows to create a logo from scratch with the help of graphic programs or online designers. Below we will consider the easiest and most accessible ways to make a logo from scratch with the help of online services.

What is a logo

A logo is often called the face of a brand or its image mark. It consists of text, images, symbols and signs. Its main task is to work for the brand image. The logo should be combined with the overall concept of the company. When developing it, it is necessary to take into account the company’s activities. A logo is not always a complex graphic image. The world knows many examples when it was a simple image with a few smooth lines and it became the main sales engine of the company.

Logos are of the following types:

Graphic. A trademark consists of drawings, images, pictures. The image can be abstract or made in a certain theme.

Textual. They consist exclusively of text, without any graphic elements. The object may be based on an abbreviation of the company, the full name or a slogan.

Emblems. A logo in the form of an emblem is a complex graphic work, which uses images, text, special characters.

Combined. They harmoniously combine images, text, symbols, signs. Combined design is the most popular.

The most famous examples of graphic style logos are trademarks of Apple and Twitter. In the first case, the symbol of the brand is an apple, and in the second – a blue bird. The development of emblems are often commissioned by car companies. During the development of each trademark is carefully worked out its shape, color and other elements.

How to make a logo online

There are many ways to create full-fledged image logos from scratch. Among the main options are:

conducting a tender;

collaborating with a designer;

The use of graphic programs;

independent work in an online service.

Each of these ways has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a variant, take into account financial resources, available free time and skills in working with graphics programs. The best and easiest option for logo design is to use online services-generators. There are many such services.

Let’s understand how to create a logo online by the example of the service-generator Turbologo. With its help, you can quickly create a professional logo without any monetary investment. The user can select images, fonts and other graphic elements in seconds, taking into account the theme of the company and selected key queries.

Stages of creating a logo on Turbologo:

You need to write the name of the company, the slogan, if there is one, and mark the field of activity among the available topics.

Next, the service provides a choice of up to 3 different color palettes that fit the concept of your brand.

The next step is to choose icons for the logo. It is possible to choose up to 5 different icons.

After these simple steps, you can immediately see the available logo options. The service generates hundreds of logos using selected images, icons and symbols. It is possible to edit the logo you like or immediately save it to your computer for printing.

Advantages of Online Service

There are many ways to create trademarks, from collaborating with a professional studio to working independently on a trademark in one of the graphic programs or online services. The logo generator is the easiest way to create an interesting, unique and memorable logo in a couple of minutes. The work of the online designer is provided by algorithms of artificial intelligence, generating hundreds of design variations based on the specified parameters.

In the interface of the service you can easily change colors, image size, text, symbols. A large collection of templates makes working on the logo simple and convenient. It is possible to start designing business cards right away. Logo files are available for downloading to your computer in a convenient format. Creating a professional logo online saves time and company budget. At the same time you can make your brand stand out from the competition, make it memorable and increase audience loyalty.

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