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Making a provision for your son or daughter through a will can seem a daunting task at first. Or maybe a little bit morbid, too?

But, whatever it is, you have to make a will for your family. Or else they won’t get anything you own or want to provide them to improve their quality of life.

However, unlike where you lived before, the legal procedure of making wills in dubai is quite different and lawfully stringent.

So, if you want to curate a testament successfully, you have to go through a step-by-step process. Please keep reading to know more about it.

UAE And Making A Will – What’s The Catch?

Since Dubai is a Muslim metropolis, almost every court situated here adheres to Sharia Law when it comes to inheritance. Formerly, this law was applied to both non-Muslim and Muslim ex-pats in the country. However, this scenario has changed now.

According to the same, now, you can apply to forgo your home country’s law or in accordance with your legally-recognized will. This is much more flexible than the Sharia Law. Nonetheless, the process is still quite stringent. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Making A Will In Dubai – What You Should Know About?

When it comes to creating a will in Dubai, most people tend to opt for a professional attorney or a law firm. Otherwise, there’s a high chance that they might mess up the paperwork. In any case, while you’re at it, you have to go through the following steps.

Step – 1: Drafting The Will

To begin with, you have to consult with a legal specialist in Dubai to gain more knowledge about the documentation you’ll require. Make sure to check if they’re registered or affiliated with the Dubai Legal Affairs Department or not. Otherwise, it might not be approved.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll need to appoint a guardian and an executor of the will. The latter will be responsible for distributing whatever you’ve mentioned in the will to the beneficiary. So, try to be careful while choosing them.

Step – 2: Translate It Into Arabic

You can write the initial paperwork of your will in whatever language you want. But, when you are working on the official document, make sure to translate everything into Arabic.

However, if you’re registering the will at DIFC Wills Service Center, there’s no need to opt for an Arabic translation. You can simply submit the whole thing in English.

Step – 3: Complete The Registration

The final step will be all about completing the core registration procedure for the will. It can be done either in the Dubai Court or at the DIFC, as per your choice.

However, remember, the cost of will submission will differ massively at the aforementioned options, with the former being a more economical alternative.

Something To Keep In Mind

If you have completed all of the aforesaid steps, your “will” will be processed and registered accordingly. You will not have to provide any other documents or paperwork then.

However, keep in mind that the assets you possess in your home country will still be under the law of your state or country. You have to make a different will for them.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll focus on answering a few questions that you might have regarding this topic. Let’s get started, then.

What Happens If Husband Dies Without A Will In UAE?

If a deceased ex-pat does not have a will, then the Dubai courts will apply the Sharia Law, as we’ve mentioned before. It’ll make the whole process of acquiring the left inheritance much more challenging and lengthy.

Do Bank Accounts Get Frozen When Someone Dies?

Yes, a bank account will freeze following the death of the holder. It’ll be applicable for both the checking and saving accounts. As an inheritor, you’ll have to file a request to the bank to get access to the bank account and use it.

In Conclusion

As we’ve already mentioned before, the process of creating a will is a strenuous process. And, if you make a single mistake, it’ll be disapproved right away.

Hence, if you want to take the safest route, we’ll ask you to opt for an attorney. As an expert, they can help you go through each and every step correctly. And they will also stay by your side if something goes wrong and try to fix it.

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