How to Make a YouTube Video that Attracts Views

The platform of YouTube boasts more and more of professionally produced content with each passing year. It is only natural that every YouTuber wants to put forward and create a video that is really something and attracts viewers towards their YouTube channel.

Every creator wants to build an online reputation for their YouTube channel in order to expand their audience and earn from YouTube.

Some youtubers buy YouTube subscribers that are real people, to increase the traffic and views on their YouTube channel. Higher number of views on a video encourages more and more users to watch it, leading to gaining mote views.

While making a YouTube video that will attract traffic and views seems something that a YouTuber learns eventually, here are a few tips that will help in the process:

Tip 1- Quality Content is the Key

  • Why this is important- Quality content is something youtubers can never compromise upon. The quality of the content in the video holds the supreme power of making a great first impression on the viewer or make a dedicated subscriber drop out of the video within few minutes.
  • The best practice- The best practice is to brainstorm ideas well in advance of recording the video, watch the competitors’ videos to find out what is the benchmark to cross for one’s own videos.
  • Head over to Analytics- Head over to YouTube Analytics to understand what is working in favor of the channel and what is not. The most famous top 10 YouTubers are also doing this by analyzing all the best performing videos together and finding out what practices are common among them and stick to them in the future. Similarly, repeat for the worst performing videos, and abstain from the common practices found among them.

Tip 2- Plan, Script, Rehearse, Repeat!

  • Why this is important- Along with quality content, creators also have to make sure that their video follows an easy order and flows naturally. For this, plan and script the video before hitting the record button.
  • Script it & Rehearse it- Collect all the facts, puns, stories and graphics a creator wishes to share in the video. Jot them down and arrange them in an order that feels natural and unforced. Now rehearse this script until entirely comfortable with it in front of the camera.
  • Include pattern interrupts- Practice hand actions, body language, facial expressions and even the harmless jokes intended to share with the audience during the video. Decide how, when and what kind of pattern interrupts a creator would be employing in their video.
  • Improve body language- Rehearsing the script beforehand will help in improving camera presence and in turn the connection with viewers. Make sure the video does not lose spontaneity.

Tip 3- Empower yourself with the right tools and equipment

  • Why this is important- Empowering oneself with the right tools and equipment is equally important to creating quality content as the right tools help in producing quality content with an essence of professionalism.
  • Basic equipment- The basic equipment for production includes a good resolution camera, an external microphone, lighting equipment and video editing software.
  • Video recording device- A good resolution video recording camera such as a DSLR video camera or a mirrorless video camera allows youtubers to shoot their video in 1080p to up to 4K resolution. But since these video cameras are expensive, YouTubers can also record video using an iPhone or any other smartphone and later reinvest into their equipment once they start making money.
  • Audio recording device- The internal microphone of these cameras does not justify the video quality. Hence, YouTubers use external microphones to achieve good audio quality in their video. USB microphones and rode microphones are the most widely used among YouTubers.
  • Lighting equipment- Lighting equipment plays a key role in setting the mood of the video. The most widely used lights include the umbrella lights, soft box lights, beauty dish etc. Beauty vloggers use ring lights as they uniformly spread light across their face.

Tip 4- Video Title and Thumbnail

  • Why this is important- When it comes to attracting viewers towards video, video title and thumbnail play the most important role. These are the first things a viewer sees in the search engine result page or the suggested videos window.
  • A crisp title- The video title should be catchy and should create a sense of urgency in the viewer. For example- which one of the following titles would a viewer: ‘Video Content Marketing’ or ‘Video Content Marketing- Why all brands must do it?’
  • A click-worthy thumbnail- The video thumbnail should always be custom created and not auto-generated by YouTube itself. It should be in line with the theme of the video and the title as well as provoke the viewer to click on the video.

Tip 5- Create catchy Intro and Outro for video

  • Engaging video intro- A video intro works as an identification mark for a YouTube channel. It should be 5-10 seconds long consisting of transitions, text, graphics, images etc., with some background music. A video intro should be highly engaging in order to hook the viewer to the video for the rest of the duration.
  • Jump right into the content- Creators should directly jump into the main content of the video immediately after the intro ends, this ensures that they don’t lose the viewers’ attention.
  • A fitting video outro- When it comes to the video outro, it should also be a few seconds long. Hence, it is advisable to save the last few seconds of the video for the end screen. The end screen is a great opportunity to rebrand the channel as well as to share the links of other content.

Tip 6- Create a killer SEO strategy

  • Finding relevant keywords- YouTube SEO strategy should be clever and tactical. It begins with finding the right keywords for video optimization. Youtubers can find keywords using simple tools such as Keyword Planner, YouTube search suggestions, vidIQ etc.
  • Role of keywords- Using these keywords, optimize the video title, description and tags so that the video ranks well in the search engine of YouTube, which, in turn, will increase traffic on the channel.
  • Video optimization- The main keyword should definitely be included in the video title and these keywords should be naturally used in the video description. All the keywords and their variants should be used as tags for the video.

With these few tricks up their sleeve, youtubers can easily create a video that will definitely attract traffic and increase Youtube subscribers, their views and watch time.

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