How to make patches with an embroidery machine

If you are looking for a way to make small patches that you can use as a monogram or want a patch to sew on your bag or in it your outfits then this article explains how to do it. You just need one of the top embroidery machines for that and you are ready to go. Now I will explain to you in detail how you can make the patch using an embroidery machine.

The patch you want to make can be a logo, a tattoo style, a Disney character, or any car style. You can no customize your outfits for that. Just follow the steps and you will be there.


The first and foremost thing is to gather all the things that you need for this purpose. Choose a design and now make sure that o have the following.

  • Design editing package
  • An embroidery software
  • Connectivity deice like a USB
  • A decent embroidery machine
  • Hoops of embroidery machine
  • A stabilizer
  • Fabrics, thread. Iron, parchment paper, scissors, and a moist towel, and a hot-knife for cutting.

2-Choose your design:

Now you have to choose a design or make your own. You can make a new design or import any already present design from the internet. Now all you have to do is to get the design that you have selected onto the Inkscape and there are many things that you will have to cover in this. If this is done properly the rest is quite easy. Now you can eider save the design or alter it using the software.

3: Stitching the Design:

There are many types of software that you can use to turn your designs into stitches easily. You can import the selected design into the respective software and then just have the stitching done. You can also consult google for this purpose. It will give you multiple options and a great variety of doing things. You can select the colors and detailings can be altered as you like. If you want to delete any area you can do that too. You just need a proper grip and good knowledge of the software that you are using.

4-Editing the Design:

Everyone has his own software and all software have different usage. So here i will speak generally. You can install a specific package for your facility. You can use a good stitch editing software. You can remove the rough and torn areas. The colors can also be used after merging. The best thing is that you will enjoy this alot. The trimming of edges can also be made possible through it. When you are finished you can save the design and save it in the USB and add to the embroidery machine.


Now is the good time o hoop up your fabric along with the stabilizer. Cut equal pieces of stabilizer and hoop and then hoop then together onto the hoop. The grip and hooping of the fabric should be good. Make sure that the fabric is held tight enough. There should be no losses or wrinkles in the fabric. Now you can attach it to the arm of your embroidery machine.

6: Setting up of Machine:

The design that you have saved now transfers to the embroidery machine. You can get help from the instructions manual for this purpose. You can select the thread and adjust its colors quite effectively. The colors and orientation of the design can be well set by this.

7-Cutting the Patches

When the sewing or embroidery is done you can unhoop the embroidery machine and view the design. The patch that has been medicine be cut out easily. It is recommended to leave some fabric around the patch so that the patch is not wasted while cutting.

Now you can remove the stabilizer if you want to iron the patch.


Now is the time to use the hot knife. It will allow you to remove the extra portion that is left from the sides. Through the heatproof side of the ht knife start knifing. You can also eep a wet hot towel with you to remove the plastic from the hot knife.

Final Words:

Now your patch is complete and you can use it anywhere. With the above technique and method, you can have as many patches as you want. Have fun with the embroidery. For further information you can visit:

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