Do you have a crush and don’t know how to approach it? Follow these steps to turn a crush into a friend and maybe grow more in the long run.

Wear a unique outfit. 

It will help you stand out from the crowd and show your crush that you have a good sense of fashion.

It might impress her and maybe even start a conversation. Make sure your clothes match your body type and colors. While you don’t have to wear expensive clothes, make sure you have good quality ones.

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 Look for body language tips. 

Make sure you adjust your body to look open and welcoming. Make sure that you are not positioned in a way that may seem closed or discourage the person you love from talking to you (eg, arms crossed). You can also show “subconscious” indications that you care about the person you love. 

Try to be friends of your crush.

Not only will this help you understand your crush better, but it will also show that you can get along well with people. However, we recommend that you establish genuine relationships so that you don’t look fake. Otherwise, people might think that you have manipulated them to your advantage.

Just don’t use them. Treat them like they’re your friends.

Be friends with the person you love

  • Sit next to the person you love.

Not only does it grab their attention, but it also makes it easier for you to start a conversation. You may also have a better chance of being matched and you can discuss homework and tests with them. You will also be able to comment on what they say without sounding weird.

  • Start conversations with the person you love.

You can talk about different topics, but you can mainly focus on the ones your lover is interested in. Try to come up with a new topic each time you talk to them. That way, they’ll see you as an interesting and fun person and maybe look forward to your conversations.

You can also try asking them for help with an activity, even if you don’t need help. As long as it’s believable, it should work as long as you don’t do it too often. However, be sure to prove that you are smart. For example, if you are a math genius, don’t ask your loved one math questions.

  • Be nice to your crush. 

To show them that you care, lend them pencils, paper, or whatever else they might need. Let her cry on your shoulder if something bad happens to her and show her that you are a nice person. Make sure you don’t overdo it; otherwise, they might take advantage of your generosity.

  • Connect to social networks. 

Add your crush to Facebook or other social networks you are both on. This is especially recommended if you have mutual friends. It can pave the

way for conversations outside of school and you can be invited to events.

 Understand that your crush is human. 

Even if they are attracted to you, you need to focus on your life. They are just one person, and if they don’t show any interest, move on. No one is worth so much effort.

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