We never miss an opportunity to gift items to our valued ones. From chocolates, flowers, and stuffed toys to books, instruments, gadgets, and watches to expensive, luxury items such as jewellery – one cannot count the variety of gifts that can make anyone happier.

As times have changed, gifting ideas have changed, too. People are leaning more towards gifting something that feels personal and connected. One doesn’t have to look for expensive options for that, and here a custom puzzle might just fit your needs. 

If you look up custom puzzle Australia, you’ll find multiple options. But it is necessary to make the item appeal to the purpose of gifting, and that requires some aspects to look on to. Also, search for Australian jigsaw puzzles, and you’ll get clear ideas about how to give your custom jigsaw puzzle a makeover. 

Tips to make your jigsaw puzzle look amazing:

Every picture or image you choose for your custom jigsaw puzzle has to follow some guidelines to make the present even more meaningful. Read on to learn about those parameters. 

  1. The picture itself – 

The picture itself is the most important thing to define the meaning of the puzzle. You can use any picture you like and there are endless options like birthdays, marriage, anniversaries, pets, graduation and travel. Picking a picture with meaning means that the puzzle will be much more meaningful for the person receiving the puzzle and make it much more enjoyable to make.  So try and find a meaningful picture! 

  1. Picture resolution – 

Resolution is a vital technical aspect of your photo which makes the clarity of the picture look great.. You must choose the best resolution for your photo that will go to print. For a 1000 piece puzzle we recommend the resolution to be 1+MB. It is always more fun to solve jigsaw puzzles with a lot of detail, and the final result looks stunning. 

  1. Photo collages – 

There can be moments that we cannot define in only one picture; there have to be multiple pictures used. Custom puzzles can have several pictures in one frame. It makes the overall gift more exciting. So, while choosing the photos, make sure they follow some general rules for making a photo collage. It also adds to the fun and challenge and makes solving even more rewarding. Moreover, you can add queues, texts, and emojis to make the photo look spectacular. 

  1. Composition – 

A picture is made of many things. So, it may increase the challenge of solving the jigsaw puzzle and make it an exciting journey. The composition of a photograph can mean a lot of things. The amount of activity in the picture, the number of people, various objects, their position, alignment, and even post-touch-ups – all can lead to a better-looking picture. Most people will find solving a challenging jigsaw puzzle more than simple ones as it gives a better sense of accomplishment. Completing a difficult task together can also tighten bonding between the people. 

So, if you are choosing a photo, you can go with a family photograph or some other group photo – especially from vacations. After that, you can move to more challenging ones, such as a landscape. 

What should be the right size for a jigsaw puzzle photo?

The answer to this question will depend on a few things. Firstly, it is vital to know to who you’re gifting the puzzle to. If you’re gifting it to somebody younger, you can choose a lesser number of puzzle pieces and medium size. Too many puzzle pieces and bigger jigsaw puzzles may not suit the elderly. On the other hand, large jigsaw puzzles with hundreds of pieces are are great for older teenages and adults. However, it is completely up to the customer and the receiver. 

Puzzles Australia is one of the best destinations for getting customised jigsaw puzzles if you look up custom jigsaw puzzles Australia. They create, custom, and sell amazing varieties of puzzles with thousands of different choices. You can choose your photo and create a 30-piece, 300-piece, up to a thousand-piece puzzle. Apart from customisable options, they have several categories, from adults and kids to collages and photographer puzzles. These options and plenty of customisations make them the best place for getting your first customised jigsaw puzzle. 


Want to gift a jigsaw puzzle that stands out for its amazing looks? The above tips and tricks will ensure that every custom puzzle you want to create comes out as a mind-blowing piece of beauty. A gift that your loved ones will cherish forever. 

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