When you plan to relocate, you might fear that things might not go as planned. For instance, something might get damaged or break when moving. Hence, there are some factors you need to consider when preparing to move.

One way to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving process is by hiring NYC movers. When you engage a reliable moving company, they will help you pack and move your belongings with more minor damage.

Nevertheless, there are things you need to do in your old house before moving out. This will make the process easier and avoid damage to the building and your items. Below are a few tips that will ensure you have a stress-free move without breaking items.

Furthermore, If you’ve never moved before, it can seem like an overwhelming task. You might feel like you don’t know where to start or what to do when you get there. To help make your big or small moves easier and more enjoyable.

Tips on How to move without breaking things

  1. Get the proper supplies

One way to ensure you move without breaking things is to get the right packing supplies. With good planning and the suitable materials, you can be assured of a smooth move.

So, before you start packing, make sure you have everything you need. Some of the things you need include quality moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and others.

These items are essential in keeping your things safe and damage-free when moving. Also, make sure you get them from the right places. You do not want to get low-quality supplies that can lead to losses.

  1. Do not rush

If you look forward to a smooth and damage-free process, you need to take your time. When you pack in a hurry, you might not pack the items correctly. You are likely to avoid some packing steps or avoid using some of the essential packing materials.

This will cause damage when loading or unloading the boxes. Even though it might be tempting to rush the packing process, you need to take your time. No matter how tiresome the process can be, do not rush it.

You will be happy that you do not do it in a hurry when you settle in the new house and find everything is in good condition. Also, you will be pleased that you did not damage the old and the new home walls.

  1. Do not leave too much space inside the boxes

Another main reason people break items when relocating is leaving a lot of space inside the moving boxes. Therefore, when packing small or big things, make sure there is no space inside the boxes.

If you leave space for the items to shift inside the box, they will likely break when moving. If they do not break, they may leave scratches when they collide or rub each other.

If there are empty spaces inside the box, you can fill them with packing paper, towels, sheets, blankets, pillowcases, or things that will ensure the items do not shift when being moved.

  1. Pack based on the item

Since there are various items in your house, you need to use different techniques when packing the items. Moreover, you need to ensure you have enough packing materials to pack everything you have.

For instance, if you have fragile items such as glassware, make sure you have enough packing paper and bubbles to provide extra protection. Other things that need to be packed with care include artwork pieces, mirrors, and picture frames.

So, when you start packing, do not pack them, do not use the same technique. Learn more about the methods of packing various items such as china, books, artwork, cups, and others.

  1. Make sure the items are secure in the truck

Apart from packing your items well, it is essential to be careful when loading them onto the moving truck. Do not load everything into the truck without any strategy, and hope all shall be well.

Therefore, have a plan on how to load everything. This will ensure the boxes fit well and you have enough space for large furniture pieces and appliances. When loading the boxes, make sure they are well-sealed and secure.

Also, do not leave spaces inside the truck. Otherwise, the boxes and appliances will shift, causing damage to your belongings. For the large pieces, it is good to secure them to the wall of the moving truck.

  1. Cover corners and edges

When moving, your items are at risk of breaking or being damaged. Your house walls are at risk as well. So, before you start moving, you need to protect your home.

Protect your house by covering the corners of doorways, walls, and staircases with padding. It is an excellent strategy that will ensure your home and your belongings are not damaged. This is a technique that you need to do in both houses.

Final Word

When moving your household items from one house to another, damages and breakages can happen. However, there are several strategies you can consider to ensure the breakages are fewer.

In addition, hiring a professional moving company such as NYC movers can help a lot. These are experienced people who understand the nature of any moving process. Apart from being trained and skilled, they have great tools to make stress-free and protect your items from damage.

So, if you are looking forward to smooth and damage-free moving, make sure you recruit reliable movers. Research online or ask your friends or family members for recommendations.

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