How to Organize Cables for Storage: 4 Tips to Remember

Picture this: You’ve just finished hooking up all your peripherals to your brand new computer. You’ve made sure you have the right type of cables for each connection and hooked each element up to the right place. You take a step back to examine your handiwork and promptly grimace. Your desk is a cluttered cavalcade of contorted cables.

Your desk feels disorganized and gross but you don’t have a ready solution. Thankfully, our guide is here to help you! Here are 4 tips on how to organize cables for storage and daily use!

  1. Use Those Discarded Bread Tags

Do you need help figuring out how to organize cables for storage? Are you tired of searching online for overpriced products to do the job for you? One easy way to help you identify which cable goes to what and keep them together is by using those small plastic bread tags.

That’s right, instead of throwing away the tags from your bread back, keep them to hook around cords for simple identification and cord control! It’s simple, effective, and most of all, cheap.

Now, for larger, more professional cables, you might need industrial solutions. You can find more information on those here!

  1. Cut Down on Excess Cords

Before you start trying to organize your cord clutter, you should first do what you can to cut down on them. Think about it: How many charge cords do you have from old phones and portable devices that you no longer use?

Take some time to sort through the cords and cables you have and find those that you no longer use. Once you have your cables sorted, you can get rid of the unnecessary ones. This will make implementing any cable storage ideas much easier!

  1. Create a Hidden Charging Station

One exceptional DIY idea that controls clutter and gives your desk some aesthetic appeal is to create a hidden charging station. There are many how-to guides to show you the steps for making your own with spare drawers or boxes. Take a look around to find the idea that suits you best!

  1. Color Coding for Your Convenience

Whether you use washi tape, duct tape, or colored velcro, binding your cables together with color-coded ties can help you keep your cable drawer from turning into a complete disaster area. Pick a consistent color scheme (i.e. red for audio, yellow for video, white for power) and stick with it on all your cables. It will make it easier to find a cord with a specific purpose when you need it the most.

How to Organize Cables for Storage: A Review

In this guide, we went over how to organize cables for storage in four ways. You can use discarded bread tags, color-code your cords, craft a hidden charging station, and get rid of those you no longer use. With these methods, you can start gaining control of your cable clutter today.

If you found this guide to cable storage helpful and would like to read more content like it, check out the tech section of our blog for more!

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