The closet is a space that is relied on every single day to style outfits according to plans. It can be difficult to find the clothes needed when there are piles of mess instead of an organized system. Consider implementing this easy 3-step process into your schedule to organize your closet. You will not regret it when you see the benefits offered by having an organized closet, such as saving time and even making money.


It is impossible to keep a closet organized without decluttering. Scheduling in time to declutter is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of the space and save time searching for clothing each morning. Decluttering does not have to be stressful; simply dump the contents of the closet onto the floor or bed and separate the items into distinct categories. Helpful categories include:

  • Keep – if the item is still worn frequently
  • Trash – if the item is damaged or no longer worn but unable to be donated
  • Donate – if the item is no longer worn but is in reasonable condition
  • Sell – if the item is no longer worn but is in reasonable condition and is highly valuable, it could be worth selling online to make some extra money

These categories allow the contents of the closet to be examined to provide the next steps on what to do with the items. Items to keep or sell should be left in the room, items to trash disposed of, and items to donate packaged, ready to take to the local thrift store. Items to sell can then be photographed and listed on an online selling site and put aside, ready to post. After the decluttering process, the clothing that survived the process of elimination can then be used in the next stages.


With fewer items, it is much easier to organize. Therefore, decluttering is crucial in the process. Depending on the size and shape of the closet, organization can be done a number of ways to suit the space best. Drawers can be used for storing neatly folded clothing like jeans. Buying plastic hangers in bulk can be an efficient way to store clothing items like tops, dresses, and jackets. Smaller clothing items like socks and underwear can be smartly kept in storage boxes.

Organize the closet in a way that makes sense to personal habits. For instance, make sure frequently worn clothing is easier to access and items that are currently out of season are kept further out of the way. Choosing to arrange the closet in such a way will prevent the urge to create messy piles or break out of the tidy system.


After decluttering, it is tempting to forget to organize and instead just dump the clothing worn that day anywhere in the closet for convenience. The issue is that once this happens, it will end up repeating until the space is difficult to manage. To maintain a tidy closet, build healthy habits such as following the tidy system of organizing items appropriately to save time in the future. Over time, it is natural to collect more items and struggle to find the room to stay organized. In this case, repeat the three straightforward steps to keep a tidy and organized closet throughout the year.

This 3-step process is an effortless way to schedule time to organize your closet. By decluttering, organizing, and maintaining, you can make the most out of the space and save time rummaging through items. After introducing these habits into your life, you will be free from the piles of mess that consume the area and be able to efficiently style yourself for the day ahead. The best thing about it? No more being late because you could not find what to wear!

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