How to Perfectly Replicate 80's Fashion

Did you know the beginning of the music video era started with the launch of MTV in 1981? 1982 was the year the world listened to the iconic Thriller album.

The 1980s were a revolutionary decade for music, culture, and fashion. Musicians led the way in clothing styles beloved to this day.

Learn how to recreate some of the iconic looks in 80’s fashion with this guide. Keep reading for some inspiring tips.

Choose a Pair of Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans were a popular part of 80’s clothing and a trend that continues to be popular to this day. Create a fun outfit with a pair of ripped jeans. You can rip a pair of jeans yourself or purchase a pair of ripped jeans from your favorite clothing store.

This fashion trend was made popular by metal bands in the 80s. It represented the rebellious attitude of these bands and their fans. Choosing this look can show off your free-spirited personality.

Try the Punk Look

Another popular style in the 80s you can replicate today is the punk look. The decade was about being as loud and over the top as possible. This look will help you represent your strong personality and the leader inside you.

The punk look came into style in the latter part of the decade. Its signature pieces included band tees, plaid miniskirts, and knee-high combat boots.

This look has come back into style today. You can incorporate a few pieces into your outfit to give off a punk vibe while keeping the look modern.

Combine Bold Prints

Other fashion trends made popular in the 80s were bold patterns. Going as big as you could at the time meant pairing clashing prints together. A matching patterned outfit was also a popular choice.

Recreate a more subtle version of this trend by choosing one bold print in a scarf or jacket. Pair that patterned piece of clothing with a neutral-colored pair of pants or shirt.

1980s clothing style included animal prints too. Choose a cheetah or leopard print in a pair of shoes or handbag to create your outfit today.

Center Your Outfit Around Statement Jewelry

80’s culture included a lot of statement jewelry. You’d often see multiple pieces paired with vibrant clothing too.

You can choose one statement piece of jewelry to create your 1980s inspired outfit today. Accessorize your look using large bracelets, bright necklaces, or oversized earrings. Choose geometric shapes to capture the time.

Style Your Athletic Wear

When buying clothes you might opt for more comfortable pieces. You can use your athletic wear to replicate popular looks in the 80s.

Bike shorts, leggings, and headbands were made popular by stars like Jane Fonda. Choose neon colors to capture the 80s well.

Recreate 80’s Fashion With These Looks

If you want to replicate 80’s fashion, you should create looks with some of the ideas in this guide. Choose fun prints in your clothing and statement jewelry to capture the essence of the 80s.

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