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Do you want peace of mind for your loved ones when you pass? Planning for what happens after you are gone is essential, to relieve the burden on family and friends. You need to hire an experienced attorney from Gklawgroup to do estate planning in a better way.

Estate planning does not have to be complicated, but you need to find the right person whom you trust to do the job. Read on for our must-know questions to ask a lawyer when conducting an estate plan.

Do You Execute the Plan?

Not all lawyers will execute the plans after your death. Some simply charge for drawing up the plans and necessary legal documents.

Generally, it saves time and peace of mind to hire someone who does it all. As the purpose of estate planning is to minimize the stress and burden on your loved ones, it can lead to confusion if you do not check this before you depart.

Is Estate Planning Your Primary Focus?

While many attorneys may wear a lot of hats, when it comes to finding a lawyer for estate planning you need a specialist. If a practice does some estate planning or works in it occasionally, they may not be the firm for you.

The law can change extremely quickly. If you do not have an expert who is current and up to date, it could cost you and your loved ones after you have gone.

Do You Do Reviews?

Your estate plan should not be something that is set in stone. Legal changes, particularly regarding inheritance tax, could change. This can coincide with changes in your personal circumstances, and This is where the importance of periodic reviews comes in.

Periodic reviews allow your estate plan to be changed to reflect these occurrences. Often, they incur a small charge but let you change aspects of your estate as you wish.

How Do You Charge?

One school of thought is that you want to find an estate planning attorney who charges you a flat fee. This means that you know exactly how much the service will cost before it begins, allowing you to budget accordingly. However, it is more important that the lawyer sits and discusses your individual needs.

How Long Have You Practiced?

Estate planning involves a lot of complex situations, such as properties in more than one state, multiple marriages, charitable donations, and a host of other situations. All of these require a unique legal approach that needs the experience to deal with it.

Try to find a lawyer who has been dealing with estate planning for over 10 years to ensure they have the knowledge to adapt to any situation.

Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Once you know the questions to ask a lawyer, field them to a few potential candidates. Do not feel obliged to go with the first company you contact. You need to find a lawyer you trust and respect.

Our helpful guide is one of many to help you navigate your financial situation. With everything from legal advice to investment, let us safeguard your money with the best help and advice!

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