Mathematics is a subject that finds usage in daily life. The subject is prescribed up to higher classes in schools. Maths finds application in many aspects of life. The Math Olympiad is a competition for students belonging to different countries who mainly aspire to excel in maths. One must get familiar with the competition rules and regulations. One will be asked to write a short essay on the topics that one would like to study and should also prepare for a set of tests. Olympiads are competitive exams that are held across schools and countries to analyze the potential and aptitude of students. Mathematics Olympiads can be conducted for students belonging to any age group. Acquainting yourself with such questions from a younger age can ensure success at higher classes.

The syllabus covers topics such as integers, fractions, decimals, data handling, simple equations, lines and angles, triangles- properties, congruence, comparing quantities, rational numbers, practical geometry, perimeter and area, algebraic expressions, exponents and powers, symmetry, and solid shapes. Questions on logical reasoning from topics such as number ranking, distance, speed, time, areas & volumes, probability, circles, statistics are asked. Knowing the syllabus is the first step towards preparation for the Maths Olympiad. Realizing the importance of familiar topics is essential for preparation. The syllabus can be very vast leading to questions from a wide range of topics. 

The Olympiad is completely different from any school exam. A profound understanding of each concept through better research and practical knowledge is better. Understanding will help the candidate to get improved insight into the topics. Visiting the official site to observe all information can be of much help. The Internet is a network that provides different sites to utilize practice tests, share information on how to solve difficult maths problems, and discuss the level of questions. The internet can help to save time and the materials are cost-efficient too. 

Time is an important factor in the preparation for exams. Proper planning and strict schedules or timetables lead to better practice. Time is very crucial and starting to prepare well in advance is good. The earlier, the better. Sticking to the schedule is a prerequisite to avoid lags. There goes a saying ‘Practice makes perfect. The same is to be followed by each candidate about questions, tests, and exercises. Online tests can be incidental in facing issues regarding the topics and can help arrive at solutions. Teachers are always the best sources of information to analyze one’s strengths and weaknesses. Taking notes and paying heed to the teacher’s advice will improve the performance and seeking the teacher’s help will ensure success.

The children should be rewarded with some interesting gifts such as ice cream, a new toy, some fun games, etc on completion of the daily task. These rewards encourage the students a lot. This daily practice enhances the problem-solving ability of the learners. This improves the speed of solving the problems. This helps not only in managing the time during examinations but also in the accuracy of solving. 

Managing stress is important. Relaxing and considering the Olympiad as a simple exam will mitigate stress. Stress clouds one’s judgment and affects emotions too. Thus, it is better to avoid stress. Knowing the types of tests to be taken is needed. Knowing what must be expected and the type of questions and timings of the exam must be known. This will improve the performance of the examination. Knowing the type of question helps to manage the time taken to solve. Getting to know about the topic reduces your stress in the examination. Practising within a time limit helps to improve the performance of the students in the examination. 

 Good health is very essential for scoring high in the olympiad examination. A good diet, drinking a sufficient amount of water, and having a pleasant sleep helps a lot in preparing for the olympiad examination. The parents should feed the children a nutrient-rich diet and they must have a peaceful sleep of a minimum of 6 to 8 hours. This makes them feel fresh the next morning while going to school. A pleasant sleep refreshes the mind which induces the children to learn quickly. 

Tracking the performance on each test can help note the improvement. Accuracy can be reflected and the average score can be ascertained. The problem-solving skills should be largely improved to save time. Various books and guides that contain practice tests, sample questions and extra information can be purchased to help prepare for the exam. you can refer to the class 7 IMO question paper 2011 to know about the types of questions and practice them in a limited time. 

The Olympiad mainly aims to foster an interest in mathematics and improve the skills of students. The questions are generally tricky to bring out the best of students. Candidates can recognize their true potential and can improve their aptitude skills, uplifting their confidence. Problem-solving skills and thinking outside the box will greatly help students. It gives the prospective students an added advantage over the others to importantly solve tricky questions. These exams can be conducted annually or bi-annually. The competitions are conducted from the school levels to the international levels. Undertaking an Olympiad helps to boost the confidence of students and directs their concentration to better levels. This also improves the logical thinking and problem-solving ability of the children. This creates a bond between the student and the mathematics and makes them a pro in mathematics.  

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