A glass pool fence looks spectacular, especially when it’s brand new. The glass panels offer an unimpeded view into and out of the pool area. Glass is timeless, glass is classical and a glass pool fence adds value to your home as well as looking great.

While glass pool fences are not generally high maintenance, they do require some attention from time to time to keep them in good order and looking their very best. Although the glass panels are tough, they can get scratched, stained and occasionally broken.

Let’s look at some tips on how to preserve and look after your glass pool fence for a stunning view at all times. 

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Avoid Chemical-Based Glass Cleaners

A glass pool fence is going to need cleaning periodically just like the windows of your home do. Dust and water splashes will collect on the glass, marring its appearance.

Apart from being less kind to the environment, chemical glass cleaners can eventually degrade the quality of the glass and they often leave smears anyway. Instead, simply wash the panels with warm soapy water, rinse with fresh water and then use a squeegee or a soft cloth to remove the excess moisture.

Occasionally, a hosing down of the glass panels will suffice, although when the water droplets dry, it is going to leave a speckled appearance.

Removing Stains from Glass

Glass can get stained in a number of ways and when you’re talking about outdoor glass such as that in a pool fence, some sort of staining is almost inevitable.

To remove light stains from glass, try filling a spray bottle with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Not only does this mixture help to remove stains from glass, but it’s also an effective glass cleaner. It’s cost-effective and will yield better results than chemical glass cleaning and stain removal products.

When treating a stained section of the glass, spray the vinegar and water mixture directly onto the stain and allow it a few minutes to soak into the stain to loosen it up. Then, simply buff the stain with a damp microfiber cloth until it’s completely gone.

Keep Objects and Clutter Well Clear of the Glass Pool Fence

While tempered glass doesn’t scratch or break easily, it is still glass at the end of the day and is far from being indestructible. While a little bit of dust and light staining is readily removed through glass cleaning, what you really want to ensure is that the glass panels don’t get damaged by nearby objects.

Storing pool cleaning equipment close to the fence isn’t advisable. If you have deck chairs and other outdoor furniture in the pool area, keep them well away from the fence. Whenever you’re carrying anything in and out of the pool deck or near the fence, be very mindful that you don’t accidentally bump the fence when moving items around. If you need Pool Screen Repair you can from poolscreensrus.

Have the Glass Panels Treated and Protected

A glass pool fence – framed or frameless – is an investment in your pool and your home. Glass fencing costs more than regular pool fencing, so you’ll want to do everything you can to protect it.

Enduroshield glass treatment is one such glass protection procedure that you’ll definitely want to consider, whether your glass pool fence has just been installed or you’ve had it for some time. The Enduroshield professional glass treatment and protection system is completely invisible once applied, yet it offers a layer of protection that reduces the likelihood of scratches and a build up of debris. Enduroshield glass protection is also highly resistant to UV light and it also makes the glass easier to clean.

Have Scratches Removed By a Professional

Aside from getting dirty, one problem you may have to deal with from time to time is scratches on the glass. The good news is, the majority of scratches can be removed completely by a professional glass restoration service. The results are so effective you will never know that the glass had once been scratched at all.

In Conclusion

Looking after your glass pool fence is not really that hard. Keep it clean and protect it and the glass panels will remain looking fantastic for many years to come.

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