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The regulation of online casinos also aims to protect players, create fair and safe conditions for gambling on the net and prevent online casino fraud. Despite many reputable casino sites, there are unfortunately still scammers in 2021 who do not take fairness very seriously or want to rip off players. However, anyone who plays for real money wants to be protected from fraud in the online casino and be able to rely on security and respectability.

In this article, we will guide you through the different types of online casino frauds, how to select trusted sites, including tips to protect yourself from scams.

Tips and Tricks: How to Protect Yourself from Online Casino Fraud

In 2021, players will be able to use many reputable online casinos thanks to the work of regulators and testing organizations. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a few points for your own safety. With our tips and tricks on casino fraud, you can avoid dubious providers.

  • Reviews: There are many casino comparison sites like the Veritop that regularly test online casinos. You can read experiences from casino experts in detailed test reports. Use the offer and recommendations to find a suitable, reputable, and trustworthy casino site.
  • License: Only play at online gambling providers with a valid license from a European regulatory authority. This way you can be sure that the operator is properly licensed and complies with EU directives. The logo or seal displayed on a casino page must link to the licensing body’s page where you can find more details.
  • Withdrawals: On a casino site, you can usually see what payment methods are available and what times are involved for transactions even before you register. This way you can estimate in advance how quickly you will receive your real money.
  • Casino Bonus: When comparing bonus offers, it is not only the amount and percentage of free credit that matters, but also the bonus conditions. Especially the minimum wagering requirement should be checked. But also pay attention to which casino games are counted towards the turnover and at what percentage.
  • Customer service: You can test the customer service via live chat or e-mail even before registering at the online casino without obligation and free of charge. Also, note that reputable operators will never ask you for your casino account password or confidential details about your payment methods in the chat.
  • Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions should be available at all times. Read the terms and conditions carefully and check especially points about account blocking and the rights and obligations of the players and the casino.

Online casino fraud: different forms

Fraud can affect different aspects of the online casino and therefore take different forms. The following overview shows the difference between fraudulent behavior and legitimate operation:

Aspect: License That is cheating:

  • No approval available
  • Fake license seal
That is serious:

  • Genuine approval by EU regulatory authority
What to look for:

The license seal should link to the page of the regulatory body. There you will find details about the license.

Aspect: Casino Games That is cheating:

  • Manipulated casino games
  • unlicensed casino games
  • Indication of an incorrect payout ratio
That is serious:

  • Verified casino games from reputable manufacturers with a certified payout ratio
What to look out for:

Casino games must meet quality requirements set by regulatory authorities and are regularly audited.

Aspect: Certificates That is cheating:

  • Falsified certificates of a testing organization
  • No certificates
That is serious:

  • Verification by a recognized testing organization such as eCOGRA, GLI, or iTech Labs
What to look for:

A certificate or seal should link to a page with the result of the verification.

Aspect: GTCs That is cheating:

  • Missing or hidden GTCs
  • Failure to comply with own terms and conditions
That is serious:

  • Terms and conditions are clearly visible and available in English
  • Conditions are binding for players and operators
What they should pay attention to: The T&Cs must always be accessible to the player. Usually, you will find a link at the bottom of the page.
Aspect: Data protection and transparency That is cheating:

  • The online casino collects personal data for unfair purposes
That is serious:

  • Your personal data is protected and it is transparent to see what it is used for
What you should pay attention to: Reputable online casinos adhere to EU data protection guidelines. Look for privacy notices on the casino page.
Aspect: Casino Bonus That is cheating:

  • Bonus conditions are opaque or cannot be fulfilled at all
  • Bonus credit is canceled without giving any reason
  • Withdrawals are denied due to hidden bonus conditions
That is serious:

  • Transparent and fair bonus conditions
What you should pay attention to:

If you claim a bonus, the conditions are binding. It is not fraud if, for example, you do not meet turnover requirements and therefore a bonus expires.

Aspect: Affiliate Program This is cheating:

  • Operator aggressively asks players to recruit new players but does not pay the promised bonuses
That is serious:

  • Players are rewarded when a new customer is referred
What you should pay attention to: “Friends recruit friends” can be worthwhile for you. However, the loyalty programs and affiliate programs should be separate.
Aspect: Payment methods This is cheating:

  • The online casino only accepts unsafe or dubious means of payment or claims not to have received payments that have been made
That is serious:

  • Players can use safe and reliable payment methods and service providers
What they should look out for: Always use additional security features from a payment service provider, such as 2-factor authentication.
Aspect: Credit This is cheating:

  • Your credit is reduced or blocked under pretense of dubious reasons
That is serious:

  • Your credit is clearly displayed and can be used freely
What to look out for:

In your personal area, you can view your balance and transactions. Keep a record yourself.

Aspect: Real Money Winnings / Payouts This is cheating:

  • Winnings or payouts are denied or canceled
That is serious:

  • After verification real money winnings are paid out
What you should pay attention to: You must prove your identity before making a withdrawal. The casino must comply with anti-money laundering laws.
Aspect: Customer service That is cheating:

  • Customer service provides false or misleading information, contradicts the T&Cs, or demands access to payment funds or casino account.
That is serious:

  • The customer service is competent, helpful, and friendly and reliably clarifies your concerns.
What they should pay attention to: Even before registering at the online casino, you can contact customer service and clarify any questions you may have. Avoid paid hotlines.
Aspect: Casino account This is cheating:

  • Player accounts are suspended without giving any reason or under false facts.
That is serious:

  • In case of suspicion, a legitimate account blocking by the casino will occur. After clarification, the account will be unlocked.
What to look out for: Unexplained account suspension unfortunately cannot be predicted. Pay attention to reviews and experiences of other players and rely on our casino experts.
Aspect: Ratings That is cheating:

  • Fake reviews on portals and forums.
That is serious:

  • Opinions, ratings, and reviews from real players and casino experts.
What they should look out for:

Read reviews on trusted sites like veritop.com.

This is how reputable operation and casino scams differ

Not everything that players might not like in an online casino is automatically fraud. Reputable casino sites are of course characterized by courteous customer service, but they also have to adhere to certain guidelines. Below we list a few important points in which trustworthy online casinos and fraudulent gambling providers differ.

Casino Games and Scores

Online casinos and regular casinos have a so-called house advantage or bank advantage over the player. This is determined by the rules of the game and does not constitute casino fraud. The casino game is fair when both sides follow the rules and manipulation is excluded. The results in the online casino are determined by software with a random number generator. So that fraud is excluded here, independent laboratories and test institutes check the software and casino games. It is regularly examined that the specifications of the regulatory authorities are met, the payout ratio is correct and the games run according to the rules with truly random results. At the same time, the gaming process is designed to prevent manipulation of the results by players themselves. Data encryption and secure servers are used for this purpose.

Payout of real money winnings

Registration at the online casino is quick and easy, so you can start playing for real money quickly. In the event of a win, however, you will have to wait a bit for a payout. This is due to two different processes: First, the processing by the online casino takes place, then the booking with a bank term takes place. The operator first checks whether you are really entitled to the winnings. Also, you have to verify your account and prove your identity. This is due to money laundering laws and also serves your own security.

However, it is dubious if there are delayed or refused payouts for reasons that are not comprehensible. Canceled winnings, waiting times of several weeks, and blocked player accounts after withdrawal requests are signs of fraudulent operators. If the customer service is suddenly unavailable or they keep coming up with new claims and reasons why no payout has been made yet, your chances of receiving your real money decrease. For a reliable payout, it is important to read testimonials and reviews from casino experts.

Terms and conditions and account blocking

The terms and conditions also set out the rights and obligations of players and the online casino. This includes that the operator can block a player’s account. This may be for legitimate reasons, such as if manipulation, violation of rules, or money laundering is suspected. The facts of the case must then be clarified with customer service. Some players fear that their casino account will simply be blocked in the event of a big win. This could be casino fraud at a dubious provider. However, reputable operators do not block accounts arbitrarily. However, violations of terms and conditions can result in account suspension. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of bots or software with the aim of manipulating game results or gaining an advantage. Every reputable online casino prevents these attempts so that all games have the same fair chances. This also includes collusion with other players, for example in online poker.
  • Anyone who creates multiple accounts at an online casino or provides a false identity will face account suspension. Players are always trying to claim bonus offers twice. If you and another person in your household want to have one account each, you should contact customer support to avoid any problems.
  • A violation of bonus terms and conditions usually leads to a cancellation of the respective casino bonus first. Find out beforehand which regulations apply to which offer. If a player repeatedly violates conditions or tries to abuse a bonus, the operator can block the casino account.
  • You can only use online casinos that are approved for your country. Your IP address is used to check your location and ensure that you are in the country. A VPN connection, i.e. a Virtual Private Network, for the purpose of faking your location or registering in an online casino that is actually blocked for you is prohibited.

Casino bonuses scam

A casino bonus, such as a welcome bonus, is primarily intended to encourage new players to register at the online casino. One can speak of fraud here if it is a “cheat pack” and extras or credits are promised that is later not met. Basically, the player accepts the bonus conditions, which can be more or less advantageous. This includes the minimum turnover: the lower the turnover requirements are, the more attractive the bonus is for the player. A direct fraud with the casino bonus is when a dubious operator cancels bonus credits without this being sufficiently justified by the conditions.

Reputable online casinos against fraud

If you deposit at a dubious provider and play casino games, you will lose your real money sooner or later. Only at reputable online casinos, you will have something from your real money winnings in the long run. Therefore, use the clues summarized on Veritop to recognize reliable and trustworthy offers. Choosing the right online casino is even easier and faster if you benefit from the research of our editors.


What is online casino fraud?

A cheater gains an advantage in order to increase or even guarantee the prospect of winning. Fraud by the operator of an online casino can theoretically take many forms: missing or fake license, manipulated gaming software, denial of winnings or payouts, unfair business or bonus conditions, and other dubious or fraudulent practices. However, decisions or circumstances that are unfavorable to a player do not always have to be fraudulent.

Who cheats at the casino online?

Basically, it is conceivable that an operator of an online casino cheats players and does not offer a fair, secure gaming environment. Another form of casino fraud is manipulation by other players or third parties. However, the modern security measures of reputable online gambling providers rule this out.

How can I recognize fraudulent casino sites?

To avoid becoming a victim of casino fraud, you should pay attention to some important features. Reputable casino sites have approval from a European gambling authority and offer casino software and games that are regularly reviewed by independent testing organizations. Proven IT security, encryption, and secure payment methods are further indications of a reputable operation. It’s best to rely on reviews and test reports. Use our recommendations to find the online casino that suits you best.

Who can I contact in case of doubt?

If you have problems with casino games or suspect manipulation or fraud by third parties, you can first contact the online casino customer service directly and report an incident. If, on the other hand, you suspect a fraudulent online casino, the responsible regulatory authority is the first port of call. Possibly a consumer protection agency can help further. It is advisable to examine an online casino before registering and to research details. The testimonials and information on Veritop will help you here.

What about new online casinos?

Casino sites that are new to the market often do not have many ratings or reviews yet. We always try to provide you with information on newcomers as quickly as possible. A look at the license or the operating company can provide information: If it is a well-known corporation or online gambling provider that also operates other reputable casinos, a new casino site will also meet the same standards.


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